Some initial impressions on Blademaster(formerly Lahni) vs Juvies with added melee resistance passive

Playing The Warren on Inconceivable, so it should have provided me with some decent insights.

Melee resistance somewhat helps against Juvies but they still down you while you have Venom Resistance, Thrill and the passive giving you damage res against larger Juvie mobs. It just doesn’t seem possible to tank them like it was pre-Op 4 still.

The cause(s) I’m seeing? Thrill’s healing, teleporting melee enemies and the fact that apparently 62% resistance isn’t enough to provide more than a three hit down protection(and I’m not sure at that), before you hit a Juvie to bleed it in the venom ash stuff. But the main factor is Thrill - the description at level 5 states it provides 30% extra resistance to damage and 80 HP of forced healing every second, but frankly, the healing is barely noticeable and might as well be not there, it’s that useless. Of course the Warren Juvies are on super steroids, but ignoring that, it is obvious the Thrill healing really isn’t up to par for letting you live. I sure was going down more often than necessary while swiping at the Juvies, standing in venom and having bleeding Juvies next to me because the healing just wasn’t keeping up.

But triggering Electroblade outside of venom to go into the Juvie fray? Nah, no problem apparently. Maybe also had something to do with the Shock Chain stunning the Juvies but not 100% on that.

The verdict? Don’t expect to go around tanking Warren Juvies, and Thrill’s healing is NOT good enough to do much when under lots of fire because it is pitiful.

Thoughts, suggestions?


Thrill healing is delayed now :frowning:

Not just/really delayed, the amount by which it heals you is extremely pitiful and way too slow for what it is, effectively only making the skill useful for the extra resistance that it provides.

Yeah it is underwhelming now. Used to be able to easily facetank the Warren juvies with Lahni/Blademaster when the hive first came out. Used to be the best class for the hive until Cole/Brawler melee immunity was a thing. Now it just isn’t quite the same. Although TC giving melee resist to the passive still helps a little.