Some ideas to improve the Ranking Experience

First, great job on this new operation, the community seems happier than ever with Gears 5. I have been playing the new ranking system and so far is good but after a couple of match and asking my teammates and people I know, we think that this changes can be taken into consideration to make the Ranking System better.

First, and in my opinion the most important one, please make the scoreboard with match points, no GP. It doesn’t feel right, we don’t get to see who is really the player who is not bringing anything to the team, and the worst part, is not having the pride of been MVP, it no longer exist, anyone can be MVP even if it’s the worst player in the lobby. By making the score board return to the previous one (but with the GP at the end, which doesn’t matter, that should be personal) we can have the kill feed like before, so we can know how much we are getting by each kills and if we downed a enemy, we can also know if that down was killed, right now is almost impossible to get that information.

Now, for the Ranking System it feels like the better players are getting the same results as the whole squad, which does not feel right. For example, I did 112 Elimination, 20 Caps and 6 Break which were 246 GP and the guy with less contribution with 46 Elimination, 12 Caps and 10 Break which were 250 GP and on top of that he got the MVP, that’s not right at all, no matter the point of view anyone is using. First of all, having elimination been counted for getting better rank is not good, It will be better if its change for kills instead. In that way you do not have a guy just aiming for one bullet and getting the Elimination. In the case were the support player dealt more than 50% of damage, that kill should count for both, and just have the counts of assist, like in escalation. It will be good if there is some milestones in those GP, for Example, lets keep the CAP where it is, but add extra stuff like, If you do 100 kills you are going to be awarded with 10 extra GP, if you revive 15 teammates, you will be awarded with 5 extra GP, if you 2-0 the other team, you get a 10 extra GP,

What I mean, make it more competitive, because right know it doesn’t matter if you lose rounds, at the end, what matter is to win and it doesn’t matter if you are the worst player in the lobby, at the end, what matter is to make the cap GP. Also, the 150 GP for the win, should be split by Round, in that way you don’t feel like you lost a complete 30-45 min to achieve technically nothing at the end, because of the amount you paid to enter, if you lose, you get almost nothing, which feel like a complete waste of time, And btw I have seen teams, loosing on purpose, just to get enough time to complete the CAP GP in the next round.

Welcome, wall-o-text will get very little traction. Maybe put in paragraphs :+1::ok_hand:

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You have to realize that as you progress through the ranks and get to higher levels, everything you’re concerned about will balance out right?

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Yeah you probably right, but is hard to say right now. But there still stuff that doesn’t change, no matter the rank.