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I’ve loved Gears of War since the release of the first game. Gears is the reason I bought my xbox. Gears is the reason I ever got internet. So that I could play Gears of War online and love every minute of it. I say this from a place of love for the series, but I have some pretty heavy criticisms.

The new arc’s characters have no personality. No part of Delta Squad (save Marcus) is even available as skins in multiplayer. We sure got some crossover characters that literally nobody wanted, though. Del is just generic player 2, Kait and JD (Diet Marcus) have to rely on their heritage to even make an impression, and Fahz is completely insufferable. We want good characters. We NEED good characters.

There’s nothing worth working toward inside the game at launch. Tour Of Duty is a poor attempt to trickle content into our hands and get us to play more. It’s not working. I suggest a system where you can choose what you work towards, and having all experience across all modes work toward that goal. I’m not going to play Escape. It’s not fun to me, but you want me to play it just to get RAAM, who should’ve been in the game to begin with (Gilded RAAM was in there, but not regular, mind you. Big oversight.) The few weapon skins that are available in Tour Of Duty aren’t worth working toward, except Team Metal. We need more cosmetics than just that, and chill/relaxed skins.

You blatantly lied about no random loot being in the game. Supply Drops are random. They are loot. Therefore, they are random loot.

Where is Gridlock?

The horror/scary atmosphere is completely gone. The game looks nice, but it’s too cartoony. It looks straight out of Actiblizzard HQ. This is sad to veteran players. Give us our gore, dark atmosphere, and scary enemies back. The Swarm are just Locust 2.0, and you sacrificed most of what made the Locust interesting to revive them as a re-skinned enemy faction in 4. Please do better in the future. This is your 3rd attempt at a Gears game, and it’s the 3rd tragedy.

How many maps did we have at launch in rotation? Icebound, Vasgar, Training Grounds, and District. That’s 4. One of which is complete trash and none of which were any good for your PvE Horde fans.

Knife, knife, knife. I understand what was being done, but it effectively destroyed gnasher dueling, a huge part of versus for many fans. Being able to shoot and animation cancel the pump into a melee is ridiculous. Perhaps a delay is in order?

The store. Let’s not even get started on how greedy and stupid the store is. You mean to tell me you want me to pay 25 dollars for a “Get Hype” skin pack, that includes literally nothing that looks remotely good?

Where is the curb stomp? I’m not paying for a curb stomp. That’s ridiculous, and you should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Maps are too small, none of which are good for Horde.

Horde 3.0 was much more replayable than Horde 4.0. The class system shouldn’t be character locked, and buying traits for yourself discourages giving your engineer the power to let them do engineer things. The older card system was much better, as it allowed us to effectively manage power throughout 50 waves.

Maps are asymmetrical. There’s a distinct advantage between one Longshot spawn and the other on Vasgar. This is disgusting. Symmetrical map design was one of the best parts of Gears of War multiplayer. It put everyone on equal ground. Giving one team an advantage, no matter how small, is a disgraceful failure of map design.

Emotes? Really? Bad choice. Annoying choice. Obviously trying too hard to push away your fans in favor of Fornite kids. We see you, TC. We’re not stupid.

There is plenty that I like, but this isn’t the topic at hand. I hope that Gears 5 can improve in the future, but honestly, this launch is a flop, and I hope to see better in the future from The Coalition. I had to say my piece before I lost the nerve.

I love Gears of War. Gears of War, this is not. I’m just happy it’s on Game Pass and I didn’t pay for this monstrosity.


Dont normally read thru posts this long…but its spot on…just dont see anything changing…as its clear the gears community…wasn’t the target audience for this game🙄


That’s the official stance of the community .


Yeah I’m a long time fan as well but I just feel the game peaked with 1 2 and 3. That trilogy was gears of war. Judgement was a joke-4 was ok and 5 I agree isn’t great. In defence of 5 though it’s definitely better than judgement and hopefully once they iron out things like aim assist and ranked pvp connections then it can be considered ok as well. The microtransactions are terrible though and if you had told me when I was playing the old gears of war games that someday I’d have to pay for gun skins and original characters(assuming they actually add original characters like dizzy Carmine myrrah etc)I would have laughed and said you are mad they would never turn gears into that kind of game…

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Yes the atmosphere and art is so bright. I like that gloomy feel , they definitely tried to make this game more kid friendly to get children to play . Honestly that was stupid of them to think that. If they wanted more sales they should of just did what all the previous gears did before 4, make it gloomy dark game with extreme Gore focused on mature audience. They just need to go back to make for adults and they would of get more sales. Idk why they tried to get kids in this game, the game sells well just with adults, if you look at gow1-3 sales.

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Gears sales really were never that crazy so idk why you’re making that point. And why would they make changes when they know all you complainers will still get the next one

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look up gow 1-3 sales, of course its not going to be up there with halo but it sold good…

I’m just trolling i know it sold well


You made a good point, even if you were trolling. People keep buying this, so TC is getting the wrong message. People need to learn to only give companies money that deserve it, so that was can send the correct message to these corporations.

Check out my post its similiar to this one
I agree with everything you are saying here lol

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If anyone was wondering they removed my post.
Guess they dont like the truth being slapped in their face

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