Some healthy constructive criticism for TC

He is going off a dude from England. This is your esports umg whatever scrim crowd that are all pushing for this trash.

I read his list. It’s all bad or terrible. What do you expect

I quoted Toby Campbell a friend of mine and a caster for Esports if thats who youre talking about but no the post was my own opinion. I just figured i should also post someone who is a known member of the Esports community to support the post. Ranks in koth mean nothing, gears 5 ranked is not a true skill based ranking system so masters means nothing. Masters is the new onyx3-D5, im not the only one saying this so clearly its not a “Bad take”. Perhaps i struck a nerve saying KOTH is casual?

its worth a try but yes i realize MS sucks as a publisher.

Well MCC is getting mod support afaik, and I would be surprised if Bethesda doesn’t have some level of mod support for future titles (its too ingrained into their culture/communities) so there is light at the end of the tunnel lol.

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That’s the dude. I saw that video. It was all basically Terrible ideas that small segment of the population wants because they are followers and not thinkers.

Only thing he got right was removing tdm.

Koth, guardian, ffa and I’d either make wingman or exe 2.0 as your ranked games. Return it to a 5v5 system as well.

His ideas would splinter the already small player base even further. Nobody should listen to him

There is definitely too much of a delay that gets in the way of other shots. Yes, maybe the air back a became problematic but right now there is a delay for perfectly fine shots. the movement is also way too slow to have this strong of a gnasher and tc has yet to acknowledge this at all. it’s so easy to deliver poke damage and then play for one hit.

i will say it again, whether you prefer this tuning or the previous one, i think it is clear that the previous one was more ironed out. the current one was strange wrinkles that make the game way more frustrating than before.

the difference comes down to the experience and preference of the player. i mentioned this yesterday, that i meet new people from the LFG every night and nobody has yet to say they prefer the current state of the game over the previous one

there are so many complaints by people of, “why didn’t i shoot!?” meaning that the playerbase doesnt really understand the game. it’s just counter intuitive.

also, definitely agree with the rank being more elo based. it is pretty much progression based and free at the moment.



They should’ve just done it like Gears4.

One tuning for the esports modes & one for the ranked /social modes.

We had all modes, stacking , & 5v5 available.

That worked out perfect.

Honestly running out of energy expressing this.


I agree with most of it, especially with the maps and ranked.

Mfs keep complaining that they want new maps, but still vote for ■■■■■■■ blood drive and foundation.

To those of you who still choose old maps over new ones. I hope you over dose on that nostalgia pill.

Ranked is abysmal, it’s so much more punishing than rewarding and it gives no merit to better players.

It also creates an environment where sweats just pub stomp all day and parade their skill like plebs, so I hope we get a new rank and elo system


Ah, I take it that you weren’t here for the tuning wars…

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I’m to the point where I think of Gears & have no optimism.

I probably won’t even bother downloading gears 6 even if it’s for free.

All Gears6 has showed me is to gut out everything from the game that made it amusing…

Started with the modes, tuning, now the play styles… it will never end… not sure what these people are doing…

Even winning on this tuning I have absolutely no enjoyment.

They preached “diversity” this “diversity” that but completely shell out the real diversity of playlist & play styles.

Rather more focused on the protagonist genetials.

These people don’t practice what they preach. All virtue signaling.

I need to stay away from here.


I never cared because i only played esc and exe. Only time i played the others was to get D5 in all modes lul.

Its seriously frustrating because the few maps tc put out were actually good. In gears 2 nobody wanted to play EXE on river and get stuck trying to clutch at trucks or tower.

Unfortunately gears 4 and gears 5 were both rushed because of microsoft. Gears 5 on the other hand was a rushed publicity stunt for ms because Halo makes more money.

Ive been teaching friends how to play and they say this alot. My only solution for them is to hold the trigger and pray.

I think everyone’s opinion is valuable to an extent. If my favorite mode was in social and i didn’t care about ranked rewards spoiler i dont i would only play that mode.

Tbh quick play should be rolling lobbies randomized with no voting. Have a ‘core’ version of ranked and call it casual make 5v5 vote for game mode. There are plenty of private ffa lobbies and koth is close enough to control.

realistically 2vs is campy as ■■■■ and has zero enjoyable qualities due to the damages on the gnasher. Wingman would be much better.

Guardian has that leader ability ■■■■■■■■ if it was exactly like gears 2 guardian it would ne much more enjoyable. Maybe add a respawn cap to each player and a stalemate breaking rule

Koth would be fine if the spawns weren’t so abhorred. Youve either got forced spawns in the furthest part of the map because the other team is blocking spawning near the ring and have to spring through lancers or you get a randomized spawn right behind someone else. This is why people play gnasher snub koth in UMG because normal koth is lancer flash cancer city.

FFA is a casual mode nobody is arguing its not, its just utter garbage that the casual crowd wanted.

TDM was literally called NOOB in the gears 3 dev kit, it was made for the new players.

Im not against 4v4 or 5v5 but for 5v5 i think it adds an extra person who just plays secret man every round. 4v4 is definitely more balanced in the higher skill games.

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Yeah not everyone’s opinion is valuable. Thats half the problem with the internet these days. Everyone feels they are entitled to their opinion.

No. That’s a terrible idea and you don’t have enough players for that. Also no.

Everything is campy.

Nah… the stale mate is half the fun. It’s a chess match not a limited affair.

King …some of the spawning is dumb yes. Could just change it to random sections on the map.
Lancer is a tad weak as some points. Otherwise the lancer is fine.
Umg is dull and just full of people who whine about lancers becsuse they want to shotgun all the time.

There is nothing casual about ffa.

Cool for them

4v4 didn’t change anything. It just removed one player off the map and that’s about it. There is no more skill involved playing 4v4. That’s a line from the esports crowd and it’s wrong. You folks are half the reason the game plays the way it does now. Nobody should be listening to you guys after this last operation changes


Simple solution for Ranked: bring in all of the popular modes and a few others and that’s it. Make Quickplay a single playlist with rotating/vote on the next mode and map. That’s all. Fixes matchmaking times while allowing full lobbies to fill when playing. No quitting, no uneven teams, no bots.

I suggest you actually play a umg because it’s nothing like this, competitive gears crossing is 80% of the game.

To an extent but really competitive exe matches ive had go to over 10 stalemates. At some point there has to be tie breakers. I think i only reached around 5 on gears 4 guardian.

Game is too passive i already mentioned this. Gears 4 wasn’t Nearly this passive

This is what we just switch to control, better overall.

There’s nothing competitive about getting a good spawn and ruling the entire map with a power weapon. In free for all you also have people spawning on top of eachother. Its not competitive by any means its a very arcade style mode just like 2v2 and tdm.

Sure, id agree with you but ultimately this is a videogame. The consumer drives the sales. Making a game more competitive will only encourage players to get better. To get better they have to play more. Gears 4 did exactly that unfortunately gears 5 alienated the community a revamp to ranked would bring back a good portion of that competitive community.

Not enough players unfortunately otherwise i agree wholeheartedly. That’s why since we have such little players we should actually have competitive esports game modes in ranked since ranked should reflect esports it always has in pretty much every game. Otherwise I wouldn’t have a problem with competitive and core modes like before.

Oh no trust me, it is pretty competitive in the higher ranks. That’s were some of the actual good players lurk and damn, some of them are very talented lol

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Ive played masters in FFA its competitive to an extent but that very arcade style and should remain in social. The arcade death match mode could be considered competitive if you put two teams against eachother that doesn’t make it a good mode for ranked. Especially with that Many randomized variables.

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80% let’s just make up more numbers.

Exe is different from guardian. Stalemates are more rare in that game mode.

Not really. Tdm is the most passive in ranked. Exe and single life modes will always be more passive regardless.


Well thats just false. It’s free for all. Not free for all with just shotguns. It was never intended to be that and it shouldn’t. This why they make a special Playlist sometimes with it.

Spawns are never perfect and typically people run to certain spots to battle. I can give you 4 or 5 spots on five or so maps where people run to the shotgun.
Blood drive…typically the middle
District torque
Training grounds is by sniper.
War room is by torque
Foundation boxes
Need I go on? I can. You are wrong.

Cool 97% of your suggestions wouldn’t do that.

Hmm OP is advocating for many radical changes

Quite a brave take, you’re going to be spending a lot of time defending your criticisms.


I think it should stay in ranked, I prefer to have a purely solo mode where I can play alone if no one is one or if I’m bored.

Better than having everything be a sweat fest lancer parade with stacks

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LeTs jUsT mAKe uP nUmBeRz

Yes and no, id minimum get one a game in my d5 run on gears 4

Not sure what that has to do with the game being slower and more passive overall but okay.

This is exactly why it shouldn’t be a ranked mode, you just agreed with me. Awesome my work is done.


This is literally a better argument then trying to defend a arcade style mode like dragon over here lol.

Im used to that, i love making the casual community mad.

Very kind of you to notice.

Mine is closer to reality

I didn’t play much on 4 so I can’t comment. 2 and 3 I did and it was rare.

Go back and read.

Nope. No game is perfect. No game mode is perfect. That doesn’t mean I agree with you or want the modes removed.

Ok… even if you watch pros play ffa you know it’s not causal and quite hard even on them. Everyone even them converge on a shotgun point all the time.

Ffa isn’t casual unless you are a bronze player.

Like i said Tony’s ideas for the most part are terrible and should be avoided at every cost. It’s bad enough you guys gave us op5 with this slower tuning. You guys ruined the game enough. Leave it alone