Some healthy constructive criticism for TC

I read the title and I thought to myself

“This is gonna be awesome”

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Would’ve been a great post if he included Guardian!

But alas no Guardian, so I can’t take it seriously :crazy_face:

Long Live Guardian!!!


It’s not a real post if guardian isnt involved :pensive:


you’re no one to talk because you’re not involved in @Aloha_its_Kyle’s life

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“I was a business man, doing business”

I went for milk I swear @Aloha_its_Kyle back me up son :wink:


Gears 2 Guardian would be a healthy 5v5 mode. the current gears 5 guardian needs some tweaks for sure. Guardian 2.0 perhaps?

Naw gears 5 guardian imo is the best guardian has ever been at. For me it’s the tuning and guardian out of ranked that’s killing me.

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I really like KOTH so its a no from me and if TC make a move to remove it im going straight to their offices lol. TDM can go or stay because I find its incredibly campy and not because of stacks but if players want it there then I have no issues. Don’t play 2 v 2 but wish they would remove the daily challenges for it and if the mode stays then meh lol. FFA another I don’t play and only go in for the medals but im fairly sure its popular but don’t quote me on that. I really want Guardian back in ranked so ill trade 2 v 2 for that lol.

This is a fair solution to those who complain about stacks but I just don;t think we have the population to make it happen. Also stacks don’t matter only the team you have does.

I don’t really see an issue with the ring size in control. Like how smaller are we talking?

Its not all the time but I have seen and played like this purely because we or the opposition are defending are touchdown zone so well there is no choice but to hold. Players hiding is not ideal but it is way to score and I can’t really fault them for running down the clock.

I agree with this for Execution but would still rather we go back to the good old fashion stale mate. I mean ill take it since this is the new execution.


Im fairly happy with the maps we have now but the problem is the popular maps always appearing in the voting screen so I always end up playing the same 4 or 5 maps. If TC make more maps then fine and if they don’t im ok with whats there now just think the system needs to be tweeked a little to allow for barely played maps to appear against eachother and popular maps are not in the choice but remain in the system.

Solid feedback.

Koth would ideally be replaced with control, so hopefully you wouldn’t be too upset.

Large enough to cover a play area but small enough to keep players out in the open or vulnerable to explosives while holding OBJ. i think it depends on the map and ring location. i also wouldn’t be opposed to different shaped rings that span certain areas. for example a big square at tbow on foundation.

What’s my favorite food?





Ligma what son?

I prefer sugma tbh

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im willing to give it a go for sure. I do think its on of TCs better events and I really enjoyed how it made contesting for control more fun. So yeah ill take it lol.

Hmm seems fair.

This has come up on the forums where someone mentioned instead of a ring there could be a square or a grid like you pointed out for control. I would have to play it before I can fully comment on it but it seems reasonable to me.

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On a serious note, I wouldn’t mind control replacing koth.
Also, limit the number of rings to a max of 3, like in Allfathers:


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You do realize CSGO is made by Valve right? very same people that own steam? so nowhere near as sensible for a MS owned product to have mod support as it does for Valve. I seriously wonder if Bethesda will be able to have anywhere near the amount of mod support for their games going forward.

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Lol what… like lol

I’m done