Some healthy constructive criticism for TC

Mine is closer to reality

I didn’t play much on 4 so I can’t comment. 2 and 3 I did and it was rare.

Go back and read.

Nope. No game is perfect. No game mode is perfect. That doesn’t mean I agree with you or want the modes removed.

Ok… even if you watch pros play ffa you know it’s not causal and quite hard even on them. Everyone even them converge on a shotgun point all the time.

Ffa isn’t casual unless you are a bronze player.

Like i said Tony’s ideas for the most part are terrible and should be avoided at every cost. It’s bad enough you guys gave us op5 with this slower tuning. You guys ruined the game enough. Leave it alone

The current ranked modes make the game terribly boring. Execution or gridiron need to return ASAP. It’s by far my biggest issue with the game.


Gridiron?? :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting:

what are your thoughts on guardian?

I love Guardian, really fun when it’s 5v5.

But Gridiron? that should be illegal

I never once suggested a slower game ive always suggested for a more competitive experience and higher skill gap. Like I said if you put pros on arcade deathmatch it could be competitive that doesn’t mean it’s a good gamemode for ranked. Saying that there should be a solo matchmaking mode and ranked for solo players is a better argument than “When pros play it”. Its an arcade style mode, not sustainable. wingman would be a better suggestion.

Agreed, id be fine with a Exe&Grid joint playlist

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Stacks don’t really matter. All you are doing is splitting up an already small number of players.

Again replace 2v2 with wingman.

You know why king is in ranked? It’s the most popular game mode hands down.

Thank you for conceding on the other points.

Better variety for us solo players after all.

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Execution I can deal with but gridiron is just bleh

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This dude for real thinks the gears forums is a debate stage lmaaaaoooo, youre literally just regurgitating the same thing over and over there is no point continuing on with the conversation although its funny to see you still reply.

Compared to exe i agree, Gridiron needs some work. Gridiron 2.0 is better but still not quite there yet.

realistically if matchmaking worked the way its supposed to solo players wouldn’t have a problem in a solo que

Any single elimination game mode honestly. TDM, FFA and 2v2 are pure :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

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Not really… I gave you examples you decided to narrow your scope of the topic so you can defend yourself.

Welcome to message boards. If you don’t like debating your opinion then don’t post. I’m not here to pat you on the back and say good job. I’m sure you get that on YouTube replies…

Reading the rest of your replies you just wanted people to agree with you so you felt justified with your opinion.

Confirmation bias…because you can’t really defend your opinion.

My comment about ffa drills this point home very much so to the point I’m fairly sure you’ve never played the mode at all.

You can respawn in these though, FFA is unlimited lives and TDM is a limited amount of lives per team. Not 1 life each player per round

Exactly. There needs to be at least one single life game mode.

did you miss the part where a Versus Map Builder was being made and ended up being canceled less than a year into this games lifecycle?

gotcha, honestly Gears 4 exe was perfect, just keep the rounds 2 minutes and were golden

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If only solo queuing worked