Some healthy constructive criticism for TC

I’m just gonna list off a few things that annoy me in the games current state, These range from ranked to damage values to movement to lack of content.


Gears 5 ranked isnt competitive and needs a overhaul, many people have been quoted as saying its too casual or not reflective of any skill. Half of the players in masters hardly have any movement and either get there because they get lucky or they get carried by a friend. I dont believe the ranked system is going to get fixed in gears 5 and i dont believe its a priority. none the less here are some bullet points,

  • You should not go up in rank by beating a team whos ranked lower than you, you should only progress by beating people in the same tier or higher as it was in gears 4.
  • Ranked Playlists should be limited to Gears Esports modes Escalation, Execution 2.0, Gridiron 2.0, Control.
  • Ranked Playlists should have Gears Esports placements and rules although these can always be improved on
  • TDM, KOTH, 2v2 and FFA should be removed as they are too casual
  • Possible joint playlists for example Gears 2 had “Execution & Warzone”
  • Matchmaking should pair singles against singles and stacks against stacks there should be no force duo que such as tdm has.
  • Parties with two or more of different ranks should be treated like the highest rank in that party if not the average combined rank.


I believe the rings should be slightly smaller, other than that refer to UMG rules.


Gridiron was a great mode but failed to hit the mark in a few areas that EXE does

  • Players hiding with the flag the whole game
  • No respawns on pickups
  • Lack of weapon diversity on battlefield
  • Extremely difficult to clutch without the flag
  • Endzone markers blocking your screen

Optimal GRID rules imo
2M round time, DBNO 13, FF on, Assist disabled, Cap time 7 seconds, spawn delay 30 seconds


Exe2.0 is more entertaining than gridiron but still needs tweaked

  • Ring should not be visible to players until the last 30 seconds of the round to prevent camping
  • Power weapons may need less shots to accommodate for shorter round times
  • Downs should have to be executed otherwise its not execution
  • Down timer is way too long should be reduced to 15s maximum

Optimal EXE rules imo
5 rounds, 2m Round time, Execution rules, DBNO 15, FF ON, After pickup, Assist disabled, classic stalemates ON, Overtime Duration 30, Ring capture 7s, Ring display 15s.


Elimination victories should only be considered if the opposing team is out of lives or refuses to spawn.

Optimal ESC rules imo
Rounds to win 5, round score limit 250, spawn time 12, FF on, Elimination victory on, use lives on, amount of lives 5.


IMO the Gnasher has too low of a damage drop-off and too much poke. its bearable compared to before but the damage should be raised at point blank, damage dropoff should be raised and the spread should be widened. I preferred the Gow 2 pre tu6 Gnasher, alternatively the Gears UE Gnasher was also very good.


The air back A or the “slide shot” has too much of a delay it pretty much doesnt exist anymore, I understand there were issues with it hitting further than it should have but it needs to be brought back by reducing the delay.

Movement is too slow in its current place with the current Gnasher tuning youre better off waiting and hiding back rather than pushing, This makes the game passive and not nearly as enjoyable, I see players resorting to bot walking because if they initiate a slide they wont be able to shoot back. I understand this is done purposefully to punish players for sliding or whatever but all it does is promotes bot walking.

Lack Of Content

I hear everyone saying “TC why dont you give me more maps” Meanwhile you have @TC_MichaelAOS Busting his ■■■ making yall maps as far as I’m concerned clearly there isnt a budget or staffing for what the community wants so i propose that TC gets with Microsoft and releases the dev kit to open source allowing players to submit their own custom content. Quit ■■■■■■■■ about maps and start asking for the tools to create. Plenty of games do this exact thing on PC with the Steam Workshop. CSGO even lets maps made by the community make it into the pro league. Its long overdue that gears of war becomes one of those games. Gears of war 3 is currently ported to PC and players on the Gears pc Discord have been making plenty of content that should spark intrest from the devs.


I’m master in KOTH every season & I play solo a lot. Master in FFA as well so individual skill does matter, and it’s very easy to read players movements these days

Can be hard as not every player starts a new season at the same time, therefore I can be Onyx 2 just starting and play against diamonds and beat them, not fair for them because that’s there normal rank

will never happen, TDM and KOTH are staples. KOTH and FFA are probably the most played modes in ranked

Gridiron was a disaster, that’s why it was up and gone quickly lol

I’ve never been a hyperbouncer and it’s not needed to be successful, nothing wrong with bot-walking neither if it works for the,; just adapt

I and I’m sure other didn’t purchase the game as it were Mario Maker, they said “more content more often” so they need to uphold there promise. We’ve only gotten very minimal brand new maps, one was Pahanu which flopped; for as long as the game has been out, a lot of players expected more maps.

Remember, the game is only fun if you want it to be. Don’t understand why ppl complain so much and still load it lol


This means nothing to me, KOTH is a casual mode and easily manipulated thats why it isnt in Esports

This doesnt mean they are competitive or actually good ranked modes, they are still causal. Ranked should reflect Esports.

its not about adapting to change its about balance. A high damage Gnasher with now way to avoid it, if we have a UE Gnasher give me slow movement. dont give me a gears 5 Gnasher and slow movement

At launch they promised a map creator for multiplayer before the previous lead jumped ship.

Because they wanna improve the game.

I suggest you watch this.

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Would be in Social exclusively if that were the case

this means it’s popular in where they are placed

never experienced this, again, fast movement doesn’t mean you’re good

it’s important to know where in gib range you are and when you can eat a shot and go for the kill. Not every Gnasher battle should be 2 players bouncing trying to one shot each other

you answered your own concern

I do too, but a majority have to share your opinion. Ppl wanted a gun game so they got it


Im not sure what substance youre attempting to bring to light but Im very much not convinced, Im not a new player and this isnt a matter of adapt and overcome its a matter of improving the game specifically for competitive play.


why didn’t you just say that? I’m all for having competitive playlist like in Gears 4

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fixed it for you.


should have added a third

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But Ulth, no one likes these modes👀

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I like those modes Papi, the other pleb modes can still exist in a core or social setting.

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I wish we could all be like you😔.

Also, tell Mike to check his messages. I sent him one 9 days ago. Dude is ghosting me.

If youre talking about API I havent talked to that king in months but ill give him a kick for yah.

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