Some features I really enjoy

So a few things i wanted to mention that I have really enjoyed currently about the Tech Test is as follows.

  1. Model viewers. Looking at the weapon and skin and being able to rotate it is a very small thing im sure to many people. However I really enjoy this in games and that goes with out question even more when its gears cause i love looking at that lancer, gnasher, longshot etc.

  2. execution viewer, another model viewer thing really, however I dont care. I love it! I cant wait to show someone in the menus some of the things you can do in the game without having to actually play a match or whatever ya know? Its just super neat in all ways i think. :Edit: Convenient is the word i want to use

  3. Your options menu is only getting better and better as the series progresses, so hats off to TC for that! I know some people will want say tournament alt back or whatever possibly. Though Regardless i think this is an amazing step in the right direction overall with how many options u have made available. Adding things like analog movement on cover, button tap challenges, swap sticks while aimed. you guys a really are just going above in beyond. One thing to many console games to, is half ■■■ the menu options… Seriously, amazing work here guys

  4. this is in the menu of options i know but i think this deserves literally its own mention honestly. CONTROL MAPPING> YES thank you! i have a brand new control now (So i personally dont need it imo right now), but hot damn i know the xbox can change buttons but it doesnt have an ability to set it specifically for gears, however with actual button remapping, you have provided that this time around. Thank you. More games need to do this, you did this… I couldnt be happier on this front.

i will not say to much about the game play as I still need more time to get into ranked as i have not gotten one game. Arcade really is not for me personally. though good for you on taking the risk regardless… It does matter that you did and will!

So just ill cut this off before it gets to long. Just wanted to mention somethings i enjoyed A LOT when sitting around the menus and all that… I personally say amazing work in this front guys!