Some factors caused Gears of War less popular series now?

Gears of War is one of the most popular and influential series of the last console generation.I am playing this game for one year with steam games keys.

The series is very much connected to the Xbox plus the Xbox has already been struggling this generation. This is being outsold two: 1 by the PS4 and several gamers have turned over to PC which offers left it floundering upon a struggling system.
Whilst the latest Gears associated with War is also obtainable on PC it will be tied to the terrible Windows Store that no one likes and that offers known performance issues within the name of “security”.

It have performed badly both critically and monetarily. Following the highly recognized and successful original trilogy Gears of War offers changed developers and the particular new team just seldom seem to be to be to the task.

With the announcements about how you earn content in Gears 5 (no season pass, no paid DLC maps, etc), how can you honestly think that they’re not making money? Gears 5 will be on Steam, and Game Pass gives access to a bunch of people who probly wouldn’t have bought it to begin with.

You worry for nothing.

The game on average didn’t get bad reviews from critics (players may be different). We don’t really know how the game did from a profit standpoint, since part of it’s revenue came from loot boxes.

Despite some needling from their respective players, both x1 and pc are essentially MS platforms.

While the x1 sales pale compared to the ps4, it’s numbers are still solid.

if you need any clue to how Gears 4 did financially look at 2019, GearsPOP GearsTactics and Gears 5, a huge prize pool in esports would show it wasnt as bad as people think