Some Achievement Ideas for the Next Inevitable Batch

I can only assume more achievements will be added to the game eventually. So here are some achievement ideas from my suggestions in the GoW4 contest (that was deleted from the forum?) with some tweaks if needed and some new ones. Feel free to share some of your own.

Start it with the achievement the devs chose to put in GoW4…except they didn’t know the boss never went into the furnace in GoW4. But now the bosses do. Make it happen!

Achievement Name
Achievement Description

Forged In Fire
Bake a boss like a Thanksgiving turkey in the furnace on Forge.

Lambency 2.0
Its not contagious, is it? Execute a lambent character or another player with this achievement.

See you soon, Maria
Bet you didn’t think it would end like this. Kill yourself with an explosion as Dominic Santiago.

Judgement Call
It’s not a gun, it’s a comrade. Kill 25 enemies with the Markza as Garron Paduk.

Reach max level on all four perks in a Horde match.

All 5 players reach max level on all four perks in a Horde match.

All Around Me Are Familiar Faces
Finish a Versus, Horde, or Escape match with everyone on the team using the same character skin.

Slow Roasted BBQ
Gonna need a bigger frying pan. Kill a boss in Horde with the Repair Tool.

Bubble Buddies
Kill 50 enemies inside of the Protector’s Bubble Shield.

Hologram Hitman
Kill 50 enemies distracted by the Architect’s Hologram.

Promo Arigato
Master a Horde with a team consisting of nothing but promotional classes.

A Handful of Nothing
Master a Hive without any players having skill cards equipped.

Staple Remover
Earn more eliminations than deaths in a Versus match without taking cover.

Malfunctioning Martyr
Eliminate 25 enemies in Horde with explosions from an overloading DR-1.

Death By Dabbing
Kill 10 enemies stunned by a flashbang in Versus.

Cloak And Dagger
Defeat 50 enemies while cloaked as the Infiltrator.

Thrashees Cover Star
A whole grain diet. Have the most points, eliminations, downs, and least deaths in a Versus match.

Slashing Prices
Storewide price cut! Finish a wave of Horde on Checkout with all kills coming from bladed weapons. (Knife, Chainsaw, Retro Stab, Buzzkill)

Are You Not Entertained!?
Are you the next Maximus Decimus Meridius? Perform 5 unique executions in a single Versus match.

Ordnance Overload
Purchase and get a kill with each weapon in the Fabricator.

What’re Yuh Buyin’?
Got somethin’ that might interest yuh. Purchase everything that the fabricator has to offer and every class perk to max level at least once.

Sent Past The Guards
Flank and fire! Defeat 25 Sentinels and Guardians while they have active shields.

Retirement Savings Plan
Finish a Horde with over 500,000 power still in the Fabricator.

Get in my belly! Finish off a Snatcher after it attempted to capture all 5 players in a wave of Horde. (That is, each player goes into the Snatcher stomach and is saved at least once in a single wave)

Everything Zen
One with your weapons. Achieve 25 or more perfect reloads without failing a reload in a Versus match.

Gotta Work On Your Tactics
Master an Escape Hive where all three characters being played are Gabe, Sid, and Mikayla.

Valorous Vestments
Have your character and each gun you hold equipped with a heroic skin during a multiplayer match. (This would be character skin, left weapon, right weapon, and pistol slot all with a heroic rarity skin)

Beast Mode 0.5
Obtain 2 kills as a Juvie, Drone, Scion, and Warden in the Campaign during Act II Chapter 1. (8 kills in total at a minimum)

Double Dipping
Pop. Swap. Pop. Earn a double kill with each kill coming from a diferent pick up weapon in a Versus match.

Decorated Soldier
Prove you are a well versed COG in the machine. Earn 16 or more ribbons in a versus match.

Rodney Danger-Gears
I get no respect. Try earning some by earning 3 “No Respect” ribbons in a Versus match.

Practice makes perfect. Get a perfect active reload with each of your three weapons within 5 seconds.


Should exclude the Clock.

You can only get 1 kill while controlling the Warden. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Curse lifted
Maxed out every skill card with every class

Team Scorpio
Master every hive with Team Scorpio while using their corresponding class.

No Escape
Master every hive at least 25 times

Master every map at least 3 times in Horde Frenzy

Shock and Awe!
100 Kills while using Blademasters Ult while playing as Lahni

It just works
Active reload 10 times before using Demolitions Ult

I’m the only boss on this battlefield
Kill at least 25 enemies in Xray during a boss-wave while playing as Fahz

Cole Trains runs on whole-grain
Kill at least 10 Drones and 2 Scions with a single Brawler-Ult in Escape

Time for Jack to let 'er rip!
Deal 10.000.000 bleeding damage while playing Jack (cumulative).

As things should be
Play a ranked match where everyones ping is below 20

The usual
Play a ranked match where everyone except yourself has a ping over 150

Can’t re-roll this one
Win 100 Arcade-matches


just tried it on Hardcore…sorry, Experienced.

2 juvies walked up the ramp towards the Warden and killed them both.

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If they add ping achievements I’m banning you.

I’m ok with more achievements as long as they are reasonable and don’t require you to drag the whole team into it (all 5 horde players at full perks? screw that!).

“Can’t re-roll this one
Win 100 Arcade-matches”

I couldn’t stop laughing with this one (I always re-roll on arcade).

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Seriously 5.2
Was a joke, no more achievements will be added.

And this will be released on the first of April and unlocks for everyone.


Aged like a fine wine with a hint of bitterness

Play a match of(in any mode)/launch Gears 5 on the 10th day of any month and be reminded of where the game went both right and wrong since its release.

Inspired by similar achievements found in the Master Chief Collection where you get an achievement for playing one of the various Halos in it on a specific day(I do not recall if it had to be a specific month, but that would seem a little restrictive).

Perfectly Balanced

Get your team wiped by a single Drone Elite, Guardian, Sentinel, Swarmak or Kestrel in less than 10 seconds. Should have brought more of that skill sold in the store.

Show me even one player who played on Insane, Incon or Master who hasn’t had this, especially prior to the various Horde buffs/nerfs to classes and enemies.

Two sticks and a rock for the whole platoon

And that rock, you’ll have to share it. Complete a Horde match with 5 Blademasters running a melee based build, hope you don’t get too many flying things and maybe catch the reference on your way out.

They’re not even preventing pings like that in ranked, what makes you think they’ll ever make achievements unobtainable for 99% of the playerbase?

Would be a nice incentive to use “LOWER PING” for once though.

That’s 1 Frenzy-match with 4 taps staying alive.

Why Frenzy though?

There’s some funny ones you got in there.

How about additionally:

Not again!
Get disconnected from a match.

No noobs allowed
Kick a player who is below Re-Up 50.

I am the only boss on this battlefield
Kick all other players on wave 50 of a Horde match.

Those are obviously meant to become serious achievements… not

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Because 1-50 isn’t a fight against AI, it’s a fight against boredom.

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Then at least ramp it up to 25 completions as well and not only 3. Frenzies take about as long as an Escape (maybe slightly longer).

20-30 minutes on average if you’re not straight trying to speedrun it. Longer than most Escape hives.

And require more player than Escape. It’s not gonna happen either way so it’s pointless to argue about it.

TC never properly balanced such grinds anyways so who cares really.

They could just add one for each Horde Mode. I personally find Frenzies more boring than regular Horde.

Definitely gets dull

I’d like a 20-25 wave horde like there has been in the past. Frenzy can be a tad short and the 50 is major effort.

Nah, Frenzy is fine imo. They should rework or add more spawns though. Maybe introduce the Flock as a normal enemy, since you never get to see it in Frenzy for some reason.

Dull is an understatement. The 25 wave Frenzy in Gears 4 - which I consider to be “true” Frenzy unlike the 12 wave chinese knockoff pretending to be Frenzy - was a large reason of why I kept playing that game even into the third year of its lifespan, in no small part due to providing actually random enemies instead of 100% predictable “patterns” where the only variety is which of them you get.

Neither of the modes in Gears 5 provide me with the same entertainment at this point. I’ve effectively abandoned playing 50 wave runs at this point unless somebody asks me to help with it, and already barely touched them in Op 2/3.

Although more variety certainly helps more than 25 waves, I still would prefer it to be longer bc some classes need more perks to be at their highest potential and 12 waves barely gives you that for any duration.

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Most people don’t have access to better internet, you can’t blame poorer countries for bad internet or some people who may be in a lower income household, they deserve access to the game too. Internet gatekeeping is low tier bro.

I just love how this thread changed its course into players innovating new achievements that are based on their personal grievances and experiences with Gears 5.

I’ll share some of my ideas for achievements:

I am part of history
Log into Gears 5 when a new update launches and subsequently witness a game breaking bug rolled along with it.

Have your GP taken away from you when a ranked lobby dissolves

Dutiful player
Submit a support ticket to report a bug

Invisible Man
Submit a support ticket, but receive no response from the help desk for more than 6 months.

Botwalker of Sera
Win a ranked match by avoiding roadie-running and sliding

Hey? I thought they disabled this!
Toggle the game chat back ON in the options menu.

Annoying teammate
Spam Private Casan’s “Laugh” emote more than 20 times during a ranked match.

I am illiterate
Play any horde or escape match on Master difficulty, and be the sole reason for your teams failure because you didn’t read the modifiers.

I am…inevitable
Witness a 200+ ping player in a versus or ranked match

Are you an idiot?
Buy an MG turret on Wave 1 in Horde (any difficulty)

Inflict 99% Gnasher damage on an enemy in a ranked/ versus match

No regrets
Uninstall Gears 5