I had that issue two times, both after a windows and or game update (hard to remember, whenever there’s and update, they fix something and break something else).

The first time I had to “download anything” from the windows store, “pause the download” after a few mb and then try again, it worked.

Second time I had to “uninstall the windows store”, yup you read that right. There is a special hidden command for that, you completely delete the store (but not the apps or games you have installed) and then with another “special command” you re-install it. If it worked, there should be a small update for gears or the store (anything else doesn’t matter at all) and it should work, at least it did for me.

And before you ask for the “special command”, search google, the site I found it had a bunch of warnings about it, there is a possibility than you cannot re-install the store and will have to format windows.

Good luck.

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Try running through this thread - I listed a bunch of stuff. It didn’t end up helping the guy but it could help ya. Never know.

You have a problem and asked for help, I told you about my experience and not only you’re ungrateful but also rude in how you respond.

The install random app worked for me once, if it doesn’t work for you it’s your problem, not mine. Did you even bother with the other option I told you about?


It solved the issue for me when I had it.


Clearly you’re new to the forums and are completely clueless about how they work. The forum moderators do precisely that, moderate the posts so nothing gets out of hand, there is no such a thing as a “tech service” in here, the community helps each other. On rare occasions TC responds but they pay more attention to twitter than the forums.

I never said I was a savior, I just told you what in my personal experience actually worked, another member who’s actually a forum moderator corroborated that. Also if your experts couldn’t help you, why are you so mad that my answer didn’t work for you?

Again, clearly you’re new to the forums, you have no idea how many people post basic things or questions that have been answered a dozen times every day. Your post describes an issue that was common last year and the “download something” worked for many of us.

You presented a problem and I tried to help, simple as that. I take back the “good luck” I said in my first reply, the gears community is already toxic as it is so we don’t need more people like you.

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Closing due to the OP’s poor attitude to people trying to help him.