(SOLVED) Stupid question: Finishing horde/escape on beginner gives you the same amount of skill cards than masters?

I have a class that only needs green cards (lady luck smile on me) and I was thinking that going for masters would only make my progress for green cards slower.

The amount of cards for a Frenzy/50 is always the same regardless of difficulty. At least that’s what memory tells me.

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Same number of cards for horde. But more cards in escape for higher difficulty. I think if you did beginner surge you only get two cards compared to insane four…?

That is accurate. Unless changed going up in difficulty would increase the amount of cards dropped in a hive. Probably redundant mention but number of acts also contributes.

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I can’t remember exactly how Escape is counted, but I seem to remember:

  • 1 card per act completed.
  • 1 card per difficulty grouping (i.e.: 0 extra cards for 0 mutators; 1 extra card for 1-3 mutators; 2 extra cards for 4-6 mutators; and 3 cards for 7 mutators - master difficulty).

Does that look about right?

So most hives feature 2 acts, so would give you 5 cards on master difficulty; but 4 on inconceivable, insane or elite. The Descent gives you 6 on master (due to 3 acts); and Venom Run and The End are just single acts so 4 cards on master.


I would recommend lower difficulties if you want common cards, higher chance of getting those type of cards.

Or, if you have enough GC, you could always craft them and save the grinding for higher level cards like Epics or Legendaries.

That was the old way, I mean today these duplicates are scrapped or should I say “coined” (yuck) and you can easily fill it all up with buying the remaining lower tier cards. Buying purples though, that gets expensive REAL fast. Focus should be getting all the purples asap. They’re the most annoying to grind, yet probably generally also the best cards amongst all classes (with greatest impact).

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Doing lots of speedruns on beginner, i’ve always found the cards fairly generous. Had plenty of golds, purples and blues. Usually by the time the class is up to 20 the cards are mostly 6’s , buying a few along the way.

Speaking of skill cards etc, what happens when a lower level class finishes a daily or weekly Horde/Escape challenge which has gauranteed gold cards, but the player hasn’t unlocked the gold card(s) for that class? Do they just get converted into the next highest colour grade like epic/purple?

That, you received a Bloodspray. Happened when I was leveling up Striker


You get 1 per act (doubled if its the daily for up to 6 total cards)

and when you finish +1 total for advanced, +2 total for insane and +3 total for master.

So non daily Master Venom run would give 4 total cards.

non daily Surge master would give 5 total cards.


Now if I only need purple cards, I have a better chance completing master clock or going for surge?

Never bothered on keeping a ratio of card rarity when I completed those hives.

It depends on several different factors.

The main thing to remember is that ultimately you’re at the mercy of RNG. Card-wise, completing anything on master doesn’t guarantee you anything aside from the number of cards. As far as rarity is concerned there’s always the possibility of getting nothing but green and blues. And because the RNG percentages are essentially procedurally generated, if you had bad luck with card drops in your last game this changes nothing probability-wise in your next one. The percentages are still the same, and it’s still down to chance so if you had a bad drop of cards, your next game could equally give you a bad drop too.

I reckon The Surge on insane is still arguably the most efficient method purely on the basis of (1) time to complete; (2) easy and flexible to be done by all classes; and (3) the probability of getting purple and gold cards is still reasonable. The Clock can sometimes throw you the slightly harder Swarm spawn at the start instead of the Rejects, which obviously is a bit harder. And even if it’s not a problem difficulty-wise it will at least slow you down. The Surge is consistent and predictable - there is no variation in enemy spawn combinations for each encounter.

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I don’t remeber what hive was (most probably the one without a safe room). The first week when that hive was launch, I failed a lot to complete it on Masters. Until I did, and I only gained green and blue cards.

Was disappointed, but I was happy to finally complete it :laughing:

Master Clock because higher difficulty = higher chance for Epic and Legendary. Since you don’t need the Legendary, you can convert the excess to Gears Coins to spend on Epic cards. It’s not accurate but it looks like 10% Legendary, 20% Epic, 40% Rare, 30% Common. Insane Surge would give far too many Commons and Blues (Rares) that aren’t much when crafting for Epics. Legendary from Master Clock would’ve been more valuable. I’ve had runs where I got 2-4 Legendary cards on Master Clock, and you could spend those on Epics.

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