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(SOLVED) Some expressions for Queen Myrrah don't work

I unlocked Myrrah and the following expressions don’t sound (I have my TV with volume, and the game isn’t mute)

Cover me
Fall back
Get weapon
Take objetive!
Flank them
Group up
Double time

The others expressions work fine and I don’t have any problem with other characters. Myrrah is my MP character since Gears 3 and I can’t hear her in all her glory.

Really? I’ve used her since Gears 3 but have yet to get her on Gears 5, or even reinstall it for that matter.

That’s very disappointing, it’s bad enough they ruined her appearance in general.

Who even uses those expressions? She still talks in Versus.

“Like the humans say, use it or lose it”.

On the latest dev stream TC apologised for this and explained that the voice actress has retired.


So if or when Gears 6 come around, Queen Myrrah character would have no dialogue? Or they’d continue to recycle lines?

I have no way of knowing whether she is in the game, and she could potentially be recast as another option if she is.

That sucks…

I was hoping as time went, she would get grumpier and more evil!

Thanks for the answer :slight_smile:

I never watch dev streams so I didn’t know

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Not a problem, happy to help :slight_smile:

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Wtf? So it wasn’t a bug? That’s…bizarre.

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Morning mate
Somewhat “stalkerish” but I just emailed Carolyn Seymours agent! To plead with her to get CS to record some new dialog !
You never know???


Just got a direct email reply from Carolyn Seymour in relation to her “retirement” and she has not and is not retired .

Please get in touch and ask her back! She along with Nan and the sublime Claudia Black are the first ladies of Gears!


Why didn’t you ask?! I was on the phone with her this morning, she’s adamant that nobody will ever replace her as Queen Myrrah and I wholeheartedly agree!


So TC was just too lazy to contact her for new voice lines, and then they lied about it.

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There you go :+1::ok_hand:


Thank you.

She looks fine.

Maybe she retired being the character but not fully retired voice acting entirely. Kinda like how Mark Hamill still voice acts but he retired his performance as the Joker.

Edit:But then again that doesn’t make much sense to get her to reprise lines in the campaign yet not have the hindsight to get more lines for multiplayer. Just doesn’t add up. Especially if the lines are some throwaway “emote” lines.

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As I understand it she would have been/would be agreeable to record new dialogue.

I would also love some new lines from Claudia Black. I hope Sam plays a part in 6,she was barely in 5 and 4 for that matter.


She wasn’t IN 5.