(SOLVED) Question for everyone who unlocked Wingman achievement on Gears 2 JP

Yesterday my group tried to find Wingman matches without success. We are from USA and Europe.

I’m pretty sure that maybe matchmacking is “region locked” and because we aren’t in the same country can be the reason for not finding any match.

If this is true, it would be very difficult to get any match because 2 players had double account (I’m one of them and I’m in Germany).

I know forum members who completed this game, so maybe you can remember your setup or if the hosts were from the same country.

Any answer will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

You can always use VPN to be from the same location, would find matches a lot easier in theory, if that’s the problem.

This was an absolute pain for me,

I believe it is region locked. As soon as my xbox swapped from my wife and me, to just me and lobbied with a bloke from the USA we found the match instantly.

Shoutout to the legends that helped me with that, you know who you are :slight_smile:


Been a while, but if memory serves me, we had good success by doing the following (assuming you have enough people/accounts for 2 full groups):

Get 2 people who are closest geographically to be the team hosts. 1 should be on a box by themselves, the other should be playing splitscreen. Have the one playing on a box alone search for a match. Have the splitscreen host wait 5 seconds, then search as well. You should get matched up.

Splitscreen group leaders can’t be game hosts, so this forces the one who is a team host on a box alone to be game host, then the splitscreen team will find them easily.


Thanks for your answers, that explain a lot.

And I forgot about VPN. Used it so many times on 360 and I never think about that for Xbox One


I finally unlocked it yesterday, every host was from EU and worked without problems.

Thanks again :+1:t2:

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