(SOLVED) Question about Marcus marksman medal progression

I’m trying to unlock this medal, but sometimes the medal counter shows no progress. Obviously I’m playing escape as Marcus and doing headshots. My only guess is that if you don’t finish the hive or don’t reach to a safe room, your headshot kills don’t count.

Last operation I had a similar issue with Event veteran medal, so I just want to know if I’m the problem or the medal is somewhat glitchy

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If you don’t finish an act of the hive, the medal progression wont count.

You can restart the act and the previous eliminations and headshots will still count, but if you have partial progress I would recommend getting to a saferoom.


I cheesed this one on The Hive on beginner.

Grab a Hammerburst and/Markza in the first section, get to the saferoom and immediately after there is a possible encounter with about 15 Juvies. It doesn’t always happen but if you get Juvies then you’re all set. Activate your Ultimate and get popping heads, restart chapter, repeat until it’s unlocked.

Obviously if you don’t get Juvies you’ll have to restart from the lobby.

I didn’t have to clear the chapter afterwards. Once it’s unlocked then that’s it. But I did it all in one go. It would mathematically take around 33 restarts or so.


I did the same, also for Hammerburst, headshots, Markza and Lancer kills.

Wasn’t it you who posted that method?

Play on Beginner. Turn on “Auto aim for Beginner.” This is the strongest auto aim in the game and makes these type of challenges a piece of cake. Use snub. I did this on the hive that first introduced venom fans (I forget the name).

There are a lot of juvies as well as drones. Plus there is an early supply room.

Thanks for all your answers :slight_smile: I’ll try it again on Tuesday