(SOLVED) Question about Bullet Chain

Killing with a headshot gives you extra damage, but that extra damage is for everything?

Melee, shooting, grenades and/or the damage that you can do with Lethal Barrier?


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Correct, which is why the Boomshot can be quite powerful against Swarmaks for instance.


Thanks for the answers.

I have Bullet chain at lvl 4 and I’m using that card since this monday. It’s very useful and I’m trying to be more skilled with Lethal barrier too. A good combo for Escape.

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Lethal Barrier is quite meh… there’s way better cards to use in both Horde and Escape.

There’s very few occasions where Lethal Barrier is somewhat helpful.

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In horde I tried Lethal Barrier and fail, a lot. Too much enemies and shooting for many angles.

For Escape is a nice change of pace. It makes things different and this is an all terrain for when I play with randoms. Also I’m training enviroment awareness without risking so much :slight_smile:.

If players saw a lvl 20 BM they expect that I’m a good player, and I’m not

Lethal Barrier is great for kill farming but not practical in Master Escape as it gonna take an hour for anything to die while touching it lol.

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I didn’t say it was useless I just said it wasn’t practical. But I know this dude does some crazy stuff in Escape that nobody thinks of trying lol


He simply mixed up Blademaster with Anchor in the playthrough, that’s it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I had forgotten about that run from Defensor, so good. It actually inspired me to use the card a few times.