SOLVED: Escape: Random bleeding kill as Tactician (without using explosives) on The Clock

I got a Salvo from the Scions that appears after the safe room. I play as Lizzie so I don’t carry Salvo until the end (also no one does when playing for cards). I spent salvo ammo killing Rejects and Scions that appeared after the ammo room.

Demo thought that doing a SR was a good idea, so for the last wave of enemies Demo had Boomshot, Anchor had Boltok and I had only Snub.

While Demo killed most of the enemies with Boomshot, some Rejects were near the door. Anchor had his barrier and I started to melee them, and in-game kills feed showed my GT - bleeding icon - Reject. Funny thing is that I didn’t kill any Rejects when the kills feed appeared.

I know about some random bleeding with Mechanic’s ultimate, but this is new for me.

Did any of the rejects blow up? Because when they blow up it counts as an explosive kill and if there are any other enemies that are injured by the reject explosion they will start bleeding.


Most probably. No one executed those Reject, so maybe in the melee frenzy between Anchor and me I got the final damage for a Reject to blow up.

After all the time that I played, this is the first time that I know about this (or maybe because most of the time I got bleeding card at level 2, now is level 5)

Thanks for the answer :+1:t2:

Also, for not posting a new topic, I have another question for CM:

I don’t remember the name of the card, the one that revives allies if you kill an enemy. That card works like Gunner grenade card? DBNO player has to be near the enemy that I killed or I need to be near the enemy (and the DBNO player too)?

You mean Intervention.

As far as I recall, the teammate needs to be near the enemy that just got killed from CM.

But it could be that it’s just like Demo’s Good Kill card and instead you have to be near the teammate and kill any enemy, not sure.

20m is a large range.

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Could Poppers do something similar than Rejects bleeding kills for blowing up?

I got a grenade kill for supposedly killing a Popper and that explosion killed a Swarm when I was playing as Tactician at the end of The Gauntlet (Demo took Frag grenades, I had shock)

Yes they definitely can.

If you cause a chain reaction it’s possible to cause bleed by killing a popper.

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