(SOLVED) Daily missions: different (or not) notifications when you completed them

Yesterday I got 3 missions that I can complete in 1 match (killing 5 with assault rifles in versus, killing 5 with assault rifles and 1 kill with precision rifles). When I killed the 5th enemy with lancer, I got the pop-up notification that I completed 2 of them (and in the screen where you can see your points and your crew, I could see my 2 missions completed).

I had to wait for the next map to get a Longshot, and I got 1 headshot, but I got no notification (also, no notification on the points screen too). I did a 2nd headshot with Longshot, was the same.

So at the end of the match, I got the notification (while you wait for the next match).

Question is why some missions gave you instantly pop-up notifications and others not? Every time that this happens I prefer to finish the match, but I believe that you can still complete the missions if you leave the match.

It is a known bug that staying in rolling Vs lobbies for objectives does not show when you complwte them or what progress you’re making towards them after the first match. It still tracks progression and completion but does not show it until after the match.


You can still quit out after Longshot headshot and it’ll show that objective is completed. Although I’m not sure about score 2,000 point ones. Might have to stay to end of match, for it to count.

Points need you to stay until match end to count.

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Thanks for the answers :slight_smile: