(SOLVED) Are the last batch of new achievements the last one?

I suppose that if OP 8 is the last OP and now that Seriously part 2 is live, this are really the last achievements.

But I read that some players are talking about new “surprise” achievements for drop 2. I don’t remember that TC confirmed about these achievements being the last ones,

Someone knows so the speculation about new achievements stop?

(Also, with this batch of achievements partially broken or unlocked without fulfilling every requirement, it would be worse if those players are correct and there are a last “surprise” achievement/s)

@TC_Shauny can you confirm or deny this?

He already confirmed these are the last ones;




I believe the reason the rumour is spreading is the fact Gears 5 is ending at 2500 gamerscore.

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Bit of a bizarre reason to believe there’ll be more achievements though… Lots of games have finished on gamerscore totals which are even less rounded-up than 2500.

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People are a bit salty that the achievement value is lower than Gears 4 especially as this game is a more “difficult” completion. Achievement hunters are a bit of a weird breed which I should know as I am one of them.

Edit: I am not part of the crowd that wants them to add achievements to get to 3000 though as knowing TC they will put in another Re-Up achievement.

Thanks for the answer :+1:t2:

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Reach Re Up 70 hahahahahaha
Seriously 5.0 chapter 3: Get every skill card of every character to level 6


Hmm… :thinking:

With “get all other achievements” requirement.

Plus add some fun ones, maybe kills with certain weapons.

There was one for Tanks they didn’t do for Assault, Support and Promo.

Some more campaign ones maybe:

Here we go again - Completed the Campaign 1,000 times.

Was it sumthin’ I said? - Completed the DLC Campaign 3,000 times.

Brothers to the End - Completed the Campaign Co-op 2,000 times.

Hoffman’s a mad b***ard - Completed the DLC Campaign Co-op 6,000 times.


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Technically Seriously 5 2.0 counts as that, doesn’t it?


Easy. That would be glorious :rofl:

Still haven’t got all maxxed in 4 yet…lol

Without firing a shot…lol

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Can i flag this as “offensive”?