Solve this and I paypal you $10

My gears 4 on PC constantly freezes which results in me getting the time ban as I sometimes cannot re-enter the game in time before its completion. It only does this when playing in an online versus game, I have tested coop, horde, private hosted game - none of these freeze.

I have tried some solutions other offered like updating drivers, turning off async and tiled resources, turning down graphics settings. None have worked.

Seriously if anyone out there knows a solution I will paypal you 10 bucks. Thank you all for any and all help you can give.

This is why I honestly prefer Consoles. So much more simpler.


What GPU mate?

If it is a 10 series apparently the drivers released in the past day are very promising.

The PC hassle is worth it.

They are always awkward.

Gears on PC is a completely different experience.


I cannot imagine the stress, these players go through. I recently watched 1080p livestream on PC and was like. No, I don’t wanna play in 1080p. I like my TV better.

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I mean the only difference I seem to hear about is graphics, but honestly console games are up there now, at least as far as I care.

Only problem might be lack of access to the Steam store. But hey I didn’t have to worry about my Metro Exodus pre order on Steam, since EPIC can’t poach Xbox games.


Cough Framerate cough


2K and 4K monitors > A lot of TVs


GPU is 1080. I just tried the downgrading to the older driver that apparently works. However am gaming with a friend that ahs the same issue. If the new driver fixes it, I am a man of my word, you get 10$.

Graphics are on a different level on PC.

Framerate is ridiculous on PC.

Those that gave have seen above 60 FPS know exactly what I’m talking about.

Mods for games exist and can literally transform the game.

There are different aspect ratios available on PC.

PC receives updates every 1-2 years so you constantly have access to the best hardware.

Epic has said they will stop exclusive deals for games going forward.

Game Pass For PC will only get better now that it looks like every Xbox Game will be on PC too.

M&K support for games. Halo Reach is apparently transformed by the better graphics, higher framerate and almost 1:1 M&K support - aka - the best version.

Load times are ridiculously fast on PC.

And probably more …


I know 2K would be better. But I’m waiting for results after Gears 5, before getting one.

What results?

How PC works with Gears 5. Whether people experiencing problems or crashing.

Crashing exists on 900 / 1000 series cards due to Nvidia’s Drivers, the architecture or just something with those GPUs.

If the new driver has fixed it for 4, it’s safe to say it will be fixed for 5.

But still,

I played the tech test without a hiccup and I don’t expect any issues in 5 considering it was built ground up for PC.


@GhostofDelta2 taught me a bit about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I would go for 20 series minimum anyway.

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Then you’re like pretty much safe from issues.



2080ti here and not a single crash.

Nvidia always protect their latest product.

They even cause performance drops in older cards via newer drivers.

Shady tactics but predictable.

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I appreciate you being a man of your word, but if it does work I would prefer your money going towards a decent charity, like Doctors without borders.

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…or Dave’s college fund

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