[SOLUTION] Versus Achievement Tracking

Alright so before I begin, full credit goes to @THE_HERO_FALL5. We spoke and he preferred I made this thread. I’ll describe it below in text but here is his video:

It’s crazy how something so simple works but it does. I tried it twice the first time and got the following results:

I then grinded 1,000 kills and tried it again. On the second attempt my “Nothin’ But Bits” jumped 1%. This clearly can’t be a coincidence after trying endless hard resets, reinstalling, etc.

Anyway, here is the method.

You’ll need a secondary account that’s been registered with an email and can connect to Xbox Live. If you already have that then proceed to do the following:

  1. Log into your secondary account at the main menu of Gears 5 where it says “PRESS A TO PLAY”. (I confirmed you do not need to begin from the Dashboard).
  2. Test you’re fully connected to online services by going into the Versus menu.
  3. Once connected, bring up your dashboard menu and in the “Profile” tab select “Add or Switch” and sign into your Primary account.
  4. Proceed to select “Sign Out” from the “Profile” tab and sign your Secondary account out.
  5. Gears 5 will automatically return to the initial menu. Now select your Primary account when you sign in.
  6. Select the Versus menu and wait for the “Connecting to Online Services…” prompt to disappear. Once it does give it 15 seconds. If there is no progress, sign out and repeat these steps.

Like I said, I had to do this twice both times. Apparently it may take a third but I’m sure you’ll forget all about that small inconvenience when your proper progress is shown.


Right, lads. Give it a shot.

I know there’s more victims so hopefully they find this topic.

Good luck.


I can confirm this works. It prompted an immediate increase in my Covering Fire achievement. It was only 1%, but I haven’t played much Versus since the last time the achievement tracked any progress. Previously it would track increases in progress randomly every few months. I’ll try it again in say, another month or so and see if it prompts another increase.


Image result for vader meme


Great job. I hate how it came down to some fans sleuthing around to figure out a solution rather than someone at TC fixing it, but hey it looks like there may be a viable solution after all.

I do wonder if that’s partly why mine worked. I didn’t have trouble with my VS achievements tracking, but my buddy and I did it entirely in private together with each other and secondary accounts and multiple controllers. So perhaps the process of signing in our second accounts had something to do with it.


Didn’t seem to have a problem tracking mine and I sign in and out of different accounts all the time. Must be why then.

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Same, but I wonder if it’s a case of being very specifically on the “press A to play” screen when you first transfer to your secondary ccount? I usually do it from the menus.

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Please keep note you are going to have to do this method each time for that progress bar to go
Up if you think you have gained a lot


Yeah, I don’t know. I’ve done it both ways.

I wouldn’t know if they ever stopped tracking at any point because I don’t pay attention to them or their progress. I just know that the wife and I swap accounts on the same Xbox to play Gears on a fairly regular basis so I assume that’s why I have them.

At any rate, this was a great find for those who needed it.

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Nice one mate, unfortunately I only have and have only ever had one account. Dont even know how to have a second or in truth what that means…dont judge I’m old!!:smile::facepunch::grin:

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Its called experience :smiley:


Haha :joy: It’s easy enough on the consoles. You just need an email, which you don’t even have to verify! It’s definitely worth it you get your long awaited achievements mate :joy:.


You can literally just create a new email and account, it’s free. Then just add it to your console, easy and you can pick the GT too, call it Duffman Sidekick or something.

That’s actually the whole reason I have a second account in the first place, so when I was playing Borderlands and BL2 I could have a mule who carried all the extra loot I found. Then I used it to help boost in some other games. Totally easy and free.


Stop. You are embarrassing us old people. Surely you played split screen coop?


Split screen, possibly years ago mate and in fairness on the embarrassing front, I would think I could still out bench and deadlift a high percentage of my forum brethren…you know what you know :joy::smile::+1:

Oh yeah.

P.s. Thank you and others for replies.


Cool stuff. I have to wait to try this on an actual Xbox bc currently I can only play on xCloud.

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Good find @GB6_Kazuya. :+1:

I play on PC via Steam though, I can’t update my stats this way.

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Repeated this process 3x and no progress. Even tried with a 3rd account.

Maybe grind a few hundred kills and see if it moves afterwards?

Or maybe it takes time to trigger. So frustrating. TC / Microsoft can go duck themselves :joy:

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As long as the amount of kills done equals the amount 1% of the achievement would be, as in 1000 kills = 1% for “Nothin’ But Bits!”.

That’s unlucky if you were due progress, as I’ve done it 3 times and it’s always worked the second attempt….so far…

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Is it possible that the reason it’s not tracking is because the last time these bars moved…they moved too far and I haven’t hit that progress point yet?

Currently I’m at 43k kills but 49% on “Nothin’ but Bits”. Don’t know how many assists I have but I should definitely have over 12.5k I feel. And damage wise I should be ~26M damage of 100M- achievement progress says 32%.

If this is the case, I should keep grinding then lol.

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I know what you mean and it’s perfectly logical. I thought the same thing while grinding for Total Annihilation. That was so ridiculously inconsistent. I put the details in this thread:

Huh…I just realised how many times I’ve posted a link to this thread on these forums.

Anyway Nothin’ But Bits is the same nonsense. Current it’s at 46% yet I only have around 30k kills. Like I said above, I’ve used this method 3 times and have moved 1% each time.

So by the way this is going I should get the achievement at 84k kills.

The same thing is happening with the assists. It’s just damn annoying, I was hoping they’d just somehow glitch to hell and unlock :joy:.

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