Solution for Enemy Skins in PvE

Just thinking about it, the excuse of “Confusion,” is a lot harder to bite with DBs now entering PvE.

Now with the Lambent, that look nothing like the Swarm… besides the fact they glow yellow.

And now with a mutator in Campaign that turns you into Swarm.

Why not have the option to Enable Enemy skins in PvE private lobbies?

Myrrah’s already missing half her dialogue with Emotes, does it really matter if our Locust Drone doesn’t scream “Guaarrdiannn Incommmingg!” in PvE? Voice lines won’t matter.

And making it a host option in PvE eliminates ‘Confusion’ as you’re probably starting a Private Game with friends or whomever you’re communicating with.


We soooooo need beast mode.


I’d prefer an Overrun 2.0 but yeah Beast could prove interesting.

But if we did get Overrun, Beast, Escape, Horde and VS and a Campaign + post-launch content in Gears 6…

It better not take 2 years of development time. That wasn’t even enough for Gears 5 which has the shortest (Main) campaign in the series, maybe close to Gears 1 or Judgement.

I have no problem waiting till 2023 or more for a Gears 6 that really blows me away with a lot of different modes, a good story with an emotional, character-centric story and great setpieces.

But I would have a problem with a 2021 release of Gears 6 that’s half-baked and hardly playable in Co-Op, as the “King of Co-Op,” Gears 5 had (and still does) a lot of issues with Co-Op.


I really don’t think that TC would rush Gears 6… Not after the :poop: fight that Gears 5 has been so far.

I mean, I love Gears 5 and the potential is there. It’s just a mess with beautiful graphics.

I never played Overrun as never really played Judgment but Beast mode I had a good go at. Loved it!

Can you imagine that in Gears 5! That’s all I would play going forward. :sunglasses:


Maybe a custom mode for Versus A.I. where the enemy A.I. uses the same skins as us! :sweat_smile:

I’d rather just have a beast mode, I don’t wanna see players using swarm skins in pve


Could be something they add to Gears 6. Wouldn’t be a bad idea. I am sure they are seeing quite a few threads and comments in all social media forums too asking for Best Mode/Overrun.

Beast mode is not a workable solution to this problem.
Is it a fun game mode? Sure, in my opinion at least, but it doesn’t allow for the use of custom skins, as you’d be playing as the actual variants of AI.
People who say this in response to other people wanting to actually be able to use their swarm skins in PvE, have either never played beast mode, or are just being disingenuous ■■■■■■.

Well then I guess it’s a good thing that the world doesn’t revolve around you, eh?
Did you not read OPs post, they asked for it to be an option in private horde matches, where the host has to consciously choose to flip a switch to enable them.
As such, you wouldn’t see players using swarm skins under such parameters unless you went out of your to find and join a custom match that had them enabled.

Are you so insecure that the mere idea of people, that you can’t see, having fun somewhere, in some way that you don’t like, ruins your ability to enjoy your game?

You’re also getting very defensive over the idea that someone dislikes the idea of using skins of the enemies you’re fighting in PvE modes.

I said it before : It should be on a PLAYER basis if they want to see these if TC ever allows their use in the PvE modes. Not down to the host, because let’s face it, not joining a lobby because someone allows players to use Locust or whatever skins would be outright ridiculous.


Defensive? Hmm…maybe, but if so, it’s not over this game specifically. I just get really peeved when I see chumps declaring that other people aren’t allowed to have fun unless they do so in the exact way that the chumps say they have to, it’s obnoxious, entitled, and rude.

Of course, this isn’t the worst example, at least this game is mostly multiplayer focused, so the concern is perhaps a little bit justified.
Now chumps who say crap like this in regards to exclusively single player games, on the other hand, they can go screw themselves.

They call it “horde” for a reason, because you’re fighting a horde of monsters…not because its known for its ability to fight alongside them…

Who said that? :man_shrugging:

It doesnt make sense! It doesn’t even have to be a lore or canon reason, its a ridiculous thing to want, gears has always been about monsters vs humans, beast mode is the best alternative because that’s a whole mode dedicated to fighting humans as the swarm like horde/escape are modes dedicated to fighting the swarm as humans.

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I second the Overrun notion. I find Overrun encouraged teamwork more than Beast ever did.
If we got Beast mode I’d want it to play more like Horde: 50 waves, fortifications, ultimate abilities, skill cards, etc.
I know that’s not Beast mode, but I could never get invested in a game of Beast. I found it way too short and if you had a bad start it was near impossible to recover.


Easy fix.

Swarm simply use their PvP spotting dialogue. It really doesn’t matter. You’re visually marking a target.
Whether your Grub goes
instead of
“WE GOT A SHEPHERD!” really doesn’t make much difference.


This quote.
Perfect. I could’t have said it better myself.

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I dont really see how DB in horde would cause confusion. Its not like enemies or allies glow red or blue.

Or that enemy DB units are much taller than a player DB.

If you cant tell the difference, youre just not good at the game.

Again only if it’s an opt in every time. If it is not people will leave it on and im stuck having a miserable time with grubs.
Actually no not even then,tottaly against it. Beast mode sure why not. But actually the idea of mixing is for me as silly as people in Wow asking for mixing Horde and Alliance, it completely goes against the core of the game.
In siege of dazar’alor they basically made you switch faction for the last part of the raid (My gnome would become a goblin and fight the alliance characters) and frankly it was a ■■■■■■ immersion breaking experience to me.

(Mind you in Wow the smaller faction can be joined by the bigger one in random Battlegrounds, but they become a character of the other faction then)