Solos vs Groups

Is it me or do people playing by themselves run into 5 man teams or clans more often than not? I must’ve came across 3 of them tonight in the 5 koth matches I played. I just want to enjoy a match without me n my rando team of spazzes getting steamrolled by a bunch of coordinated a holes with a clan tag


I think that’s because the player pool is already small compared to other games, so I’m assuming there aren’t that many 5men teams which forces the matchmaking system to pit them with solo/semi-stacked teams.

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Playing on PC or xb? Because PC you’ll face the same people over and over likely.

Also, why call them a holes for playing the game as a group?


not sure about calling your team mate spazzes or a stacked team a holes but I know what you mean.
this is G5 currently for solos, face endless stacked teams and getting gunned down at spawn


A scenario that i feel makes it worse is if you as a solo are put with two randoms and two people playing together then it increases the chance of you being put against a five stack.

No evidence to support that just a theory.

Been experiencing the same thing. It’s incredibly frustrating.

It’s obvious that they’re a stack, either by their GTs or how extremely coordinated they are playing. I know that you can sometimes get that synergy when playing with randoms, but it’s rare

I wouldn’t call a group of friends playing a game together A holes. But as a solo I certainly wouldn’t want to run into them. Big disadvantage. It’s like when you would play CoD and everyone on the other team is in a clan. No solo wants to go up against that.

Games multiplayer crapped the bed so player pool is small. Just be happy to find a game,

Because they have friends who will actually commit to something and I don’t ;’(

They’re a holes because they have friends and I don’t :’(

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Yes and exactly why I won’t play VS. This has been a problem wtih gears all along to be honest and i’m tired of it not getting fixed. The best thing about gears4 was the solo’s only playlist, but over time they wrecked that too. People ■■■■■’in about not being able to play with their friends and partying up. Umm ya THAT’S THE POINT OF THE PLAYLIST but TC buckled under the vocal minority over time.

You weren’t able to find games at all in 4-5 stacks when the game launch, this was also the same for tech test which we complained about back then.

But it was bugged - because we setup ‘fake’ 5v5s where we would queue at the same time as another team in the same mode with 5 players to get a PUG going and never found each other. As of earlier this week I’ve now been able to find games in 4-5 parties - however the one issue which they should address… solo players really shouldn’t face a 5 man

Ah I see. Normally run solo so I wasn’t aware. My last post was mostly me assuming.