Solo Ranked, like PROPER solo

So low (haha get it?) is the player count that I can’t find games. Que’d an hr an 20min during peak uk play time for guardian (6:30pm till almost 8pm) without any luck, trying to get dem stars for ranked wins

But what if I went out and bought 9more consoles n games n screens and que’d all of them, would I be in a position to get my stars? Reach masters with the best padded stats ever? Set a new low for being that weird?

Should I do it an put it on youtube? Does it break any rules? Will it p off anybody?

Thoughts? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If that’s the case for UK then I might as well call it quits and find myself another game.

I tried searching for a game yesterday at peak hour and couldn’t find anything at all. Tried quick play and after 4 minutes it sent me straight to US servers. Unless this “phase” system works some magic, the game is already dead in South America.

Yea mate, the whole playerbase is on steam :rofl::rofl:

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