Solo queue is absolutely broken

Why in the world is solo queue still not fixed?! I should not be half of my teams ranked points in anyyyyyy situation! I’m diamond in KOTH and somehow I’m constantly getting in games with actual brain dead people, I will gladly wait in queue to find a game with people at similar skill level. It should be impossible for me to get in a game with people more than TWO RANKS lower than me. My ranked points are around 18200 and my total for my team was 42000, quick maths means the average points for my teammates is around 6000. SMH y’all really killing this community that I’ve grown to love.


i’ve complained about this numerous times as well. Not solo queue specifically, but the matchmaking really seems to built around the idea that “equal total skill points between two teams means the two teams are equal” and that is patently ridiculous. If you have one team where all five players have 10000 skill points for a total of 50000, and the other team is one guy with 40000 and the others have 2500 each…those are not even close to balanced. It’s a fundamental flaw in thinking and matchmaking design. And it seems they did this to make matchmaking fast (which actually used to be a big problem back in Gears 2 that they are STILL apparently sensitive about) which in and of itself is fine, but I’d honestly rather wait a couple minutes for a truly balanced game than just get into the first available slot.

Get! Friends!

My friends are the kind that stop you finding games because Gears & matchmaking still broken.

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Be my friend!?!