Solo Que's For Gears 5

Gears of War 5 I believe can benefit from a solo que. It’s pretty obvious lots of people are solo players. This works with social and other less competitive game modes but in all honestly if you’re trying to win and rank up as a solo player then you’re at a massive disadvantage. I really don’t need to argue this point, we all understand.

Gears 5 needs to have two lobby searches. One as a squad search up to a full lobby of five players in a party and the other as a solo player only lobby. No parties allowed. I would also like to add that if a solo players want to search for a match in party lobbies much like how you can que up for a squad match in PUBG as a solo player. This should help shorten match making times. Not every one has a full squad of 5 so this will help fill the gaps.

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What about 4 man teams searching?

You need that solo player to find a game.

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That’s what I mean by allowing a solo player search in party lobbies so they can fill the gaps

Problem is, its not the best solution and I could see matching making times still being way too high as population goes down

I think it would fragment the population too much.

It would be nice to get in a game with all 10 solo que players but then I imagine ranks would be quite varied, especially if your a higher rank.

Being a Diamond with solo Gold players will be very, very frustrating.

Although a equal matchup would be quite good tbh.

Sometimes I want to play solo but know it’s just going to turn out bad.

And population will drop quicker than other games and quite early on, seems to always happen in Gears.

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You’re definitely right.

I’m not sure how to fix this solo player dilemma without a one man squad search que.

Maybe have one game mode that is strictly solo players and it cycles through different game types so it doesn’t get boring. I’m not sure.

Sort of how we have a special game mode that’s Gnashers only KOTH. But make this a solo que that’s permanent and encompasses all game modes.

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This is probably how it could work best.

Gnashers Only KOTH for Solo Que only.

It’s so heavily focused on the one weapon and should help higher ranked players pick up the slack for the lower ranked players.

TC should definitely try and get this tested.

Maybe give it a test in the Gears 5 BETA.

Something like that, but even if its not KOTH but all game modes. However it’s only one search type. If that makes sense

I get what you mean, I would shy away from that though as I dislike TDM and it’s quite popular, so wouldn’t want to get matched into that.

I’m sure there can be a way to get solo que to work, I almost always will be playing solo if I decide to warm up in a social.

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Really? I actually enjoy TDM.

I think EXE is actually the best game mode for Gears.

It doesn’t work. The danger in forcing parties to play each other is that Gears isn’t popular enough to support it. So, casual parties will be forced to go up against sweaty stacks (as if this wasn’t already enough of a problem). I don’t think you realize how many low level players group together just so they can hang out and chat while playing. I know many people like this and when they want to play Gears I have to do a ton of heavy lifting because the system expects me to have an advantage and I take a huge demotion if I lose, even if I MVP a TDM with over 20 kills. The system is not kind to people who play together casually.

The best thing they can do is;
-Account individual performance in ranked (which it currently does to an extent, but not as effectively as it should).
-Make modes that are not team based, such as free for all.

If you want to be highly competitive in a team based game, without teaming, that’s your burden and others should not be screwed over to cater to you. But, I do hope TC also makes individual modes without team elements. A battle royale mode was rumored for the next game.

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Yes but these people who want to play solo will only play up against other solo players while teamed players who are just casuals still experience the same type of game-play regardless if solo ques are implemented or not.

There was a simple playlist in Gears 3 known as “Mercenary”. No parties. It was good.

But then again it was at a simpler time before all playlists had all this individual rank nonsense that causes more problems than it’s worth.

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If TDM was flipped and it was first team to 25-30 kills rather than deaths, I think it would probably stop the stalemate camping - I do much better in objective based modes which is why I like KOTH/Blitz/Guradian.

Execution was all I played in Gears 1 until Annex arrived but it’s too slow paced now for me and either way, I’m never going to be able to get a game in that mode.

I will play TDM from time to time but not really a fan of it in Gears.


This is pretty much my attitude… And what I tend to tell people who are upset, when using LFG, that team mates expect them to have and use mics and communicate during the games.

Yes. I like that idea!

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maybe I’m experiencing a senior moment, but how would that be any different?

Current: first team to suffer X deaths loses (i.e. the other team is first to get X kills).

Proposed: first team to get X kills wins (i.e. the other team is first to suffer X deaths)…

And the difference is… ?

It might not be too different. But if you have a score system based off of kills then of deaths, then you would encourage players to be more aggressive in their play style, and discourage camping.

In the end, the outcome might be the same (or very similar) but the actual game-play could change for the better.

Now I could be wrong, and I do think that something like a test playlist may be of help of determining how that compares to the current system.

A possibly better solution would be a point based system. Where instead of kills or deaths, the game is determined by the collective points of the team, as in kills, downs, and assists. Similar to how Koth is not determined by actual deaths, but on how many points you get in a ring.

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Ok, so it’s not JUST flipping the two, you’re thinking about a slightly new/different mode, sort of an enhancement of the TDM logic… Sure, might be interesting, would be cool to try…

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Yeah exactly. I personally find TDM to be far to repetitive, which is why I enjoy Koth, which gives you more strategies. So I would be interested in a change in how wins are determined in TDM


I’ve never played VS in any earlier Gears games (just campaign and horde) so I don’t know any other modes beyond what we have here (I see references in the forums to other modes from earlier titles)… Would be interesting to try new things…