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Solo players, THIS is why you lose to stacked teams


(Krylon Blue) #41

While that’s true, and you know I see eye to eye with you most of the time so don’t take this the wrong way, you know randoms don’t care, lol.

Truth is randoms run in like chickens with their heads cut off. Even the high Onyx randoms. You’d think if the enemy team was cross firing and they see me attempting the same thing they would join in. Nope, they rush into the center of the map and get demolished and then quit.

Anyway, I don’t disagree with what you’re saying. Marking enemies and using tac com is key and I even do that when I’m talking to my friends in a match. But unfortunately again randoms just don’t care. :confounded:


Spotting: The most mind-boggingly underused useful feature of this game.

(xValtiel) #43

Basically. You can say all these things to me like “use tac-com” “spot enemies” “use mics” until you are blue in the face. Okay. Fine. I do that. I’m not the problem. I’m glad you’re getting consistent cooperative teammates but I get shoved in lobbies where people quit on my team and/or they’re full of bronzes.

This was taken an hour ago. I do all that’s necessary and do all the above “strats”. You just can’t say it’s that easy.

(sancris777) #44

Tbh I would really love an option to avoid playing against clans or people who are in a squad because i think its a unfair advantage more than even fighting against a PC player or someone with better internet

(StrafeSkywalker) #45

I play solo 90% of the time and win against stacks about 60% and usually lose because of dumb players, AFK Warriors, and quitters. I think I am better than the top player on any stack, because I prove it almost every game. The worst is stacks that ALL have triple digit pings and sponge everything. I would love to play them on lan and get them all on crossed swords. As a solo player I have to just basically think I am better than anyone in the lobby. I love when stacks underestimate me as well, running full speed 3 deep at me with Gnashers out and easy triple for me. Stacks have it easy and I give them 0% respect, because I body them stack and all, for example I played against 4 stacks and lost once due to a quitter, even beat one on Reclaimed Windflare, most hated and worst performing map. I mean no disrespect to anyone, but I fear no player in KOTH, I take 4v1, 3v1,2v1 and 1v1 all day. The only people that ever give me problems are the walking Terminators that literally will just not fall. When I play on a stack it simply is not fun, and only would ever go back is just because the whole team plays. Stacks should only play stacks. Again, just stating my opinion, NO DISRESPECT intended, I actually enjoy the challenge.

(The True Slayer) #46

how about the simplest solution. STOP PUTTING SOLO PLYERS AGAINST STACKS, Its really not that hard.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #47

What you have there is an entirely unrelated issue; bad matchmaking.
I had one earlier where my teammates were all bronze 1 and they wandered around like they were on an easter egg hunt. I managed to win us a round and I MVP’d the match but went down 6% in rank. There are some clear issues that TC has been neglectful of in matchmaking. However, this thread isn’t about that. It’s about solos helping each other.

It’s a bit baffling that some people want to argue against that concept.

(Amaaan asif88) #48

Way solo players play with stack teams stack team play with stack teams solo players play with solo players i hope gears 5 have option for solo or squad and have free for all game mode

(DarkChaoz95) #49

There are some people that do not support the team or plays the objective. For example 1 person on each team in koth was not even capping.

The one on my team was trying to play like its TDM with an enforcer, while the person on the enemy team tryna get sniper clips.

(StrafeSkywalker) #50

Let me rephrase because my comments may be taken out of contex, I didn’t say that I’m better than all players on all stacks (I hope it didn’t come out that way). I have to think that I am though and I usually disrespect the top player (head of the snake) and find when I tilt him he returns with more team members sometimes or more and I do the same when they disrespect me. I have been in so many games where I’m (with my team of course) beating them and I get a quitter or 2 and they disrespect me. Now, I simply beat them to the punch, just to get them salty, they then seek me out, sometimes 3 or 4 strong and I usually hold my own taking out 2. If I die and they disrespect me, thats 2 or 3 of them not going to the hill. Also, solo players, stop shooting other peoples downs, especially with a power weapon, when I’m right there mopping up a 1v1 or 2v1. And please have some situational awareness and rotate. Stacks have a pack mentality, so use that against them, set traps (grenade) with a smoke first and flame or frag behind, they usually come from mostly one direction, they trip the smoke and go right into the grenade. Solo players can beat stacks if they play the objective, shoot people that are standing and rotate. However, if you don’t do that you will lose, you have to play great against a stack or you will lose.

(Krylon Blue) #51

You’re also referring to teammates, right? Because I can do everything I want but if my team refuses to help, which is more often than not, I’m done for. I play against nothing but high Onyx and Diamond players and those stacks are brutal with randoms. Most of them don’t rotate, they want to use nothing but a Gnasher and then wonder why they die so they quit. I was playing Guardian for the XP yesterday with two friends including @GreatWhiteShark and it was decent because I had some help. As a Leader I would sit back and Lance which helped the team. If I needed to I could pull out the Gnasher also and do work. But as a non-leader I would go in guns blazing destroy the enemy team. The issue though was the randoms don’t play the objective properly. If they’re the leader they push into battle and if they’re not the leader they camp in areas that don’t help at all. They refuse to use teamwork no matter how often you mark an enemy or notify them there is one there. Then they quit because they are salty.

(StrafeSkywalker) #52

Yes, I am referring to team members, no offense, but about 50% simply shouldn’t be on my team. They don’t play the objective, focus on downed enemies and get bodied 3v1 because they are all looking down. Everything in Ranked basically boils down to your team and you must play as a team, stacked or not. Play smart and do what you can to help the team. Rotate at about 15 seconds left on the hill, let them have it and head towards mid map and usually you will arrive first hold the hill, rinse and repeat. Play to YOUR strengths, for example, I consider myself to be a Slayer/ring breaker and usually have the most kills in the lobby or at least my team. I slay, try to break the hill, allow team to cap and actively seek all members of the opposing team to keep them away, 5v, 4v,3v, 2v or 1v1. Don’t camp power weapons, go to whatever is available, shocks, retro, hammy, whatever. Let other team pick up that Boom, and make him waste it on you, you may die, so what, play smart and 2 shots wasted, and the Boom is gone.

(Krylon Blue) #53

You played a few matches with @xxxGAUNTLETxxx and myself the other day and you saw first hand how much I dominate lobbies but you also consistently saw a useless random avoiding the objectives at all costs. I can lead a match in kills, captures and breaks but I’ll still lose due to randoms incapable of helping. Well, that and some horrible lag.

(BRADEN 5) #54

Totally spot on. Great post.

(BetaX2r) #55

Ill add one other thing that puts solo players at a disadvantage. Confidence. Gears to me feeds a lot off momentum and confidence. When I’m feeling confident, I play much smoother and more accurate. If you go into a match not feeling confident, you most likely are going to lose. Stacked teams naturally go into situations with more confidence knowing that their team has an advantage with crossing setups, call outs, marks, revives, rotations, etc. When a stack does lose a player or two, they are much more likely than solos to compensate (stay alive) and adjust position in order to preserve the round until their teammates respawn. When playing solo, everything is more critical since a lot of players seem to be playing for themselves. Solos will often find themselves in more 1v2’s than squads will. Power weapons when placed are also much harder to get as a solo player squad. I often find that when playing solo multiple teammates won’t even make a push towards a power weapon when placed. They basically give the enemy the weapon in order to avoid potential death off the initial push.

(StrafeSkywalker) #56

Yeah, you definitely went off (in a good way) I get salty at people who sponge and people on my team that play poorly. I am working on that by playing a lot of Social and Ranked KOTH. I want to get Diamond in KOTH, because I never have, although, I feel like I am good enough. I need to keep my emotions in check and learn from all kills, deaths and win/losses to constantly improve as a player. I play 95% of my matches solo by choice because callouts and other voices from 4 other people just distract me. Use L3, kill, break, cap, rotate and play the game that’s what works for me.

(General BeeFart) #57

ya, no one uses mics anymore. It makes this game unbearable to play alone. I generally won’t play more them 1 or 2 games alone, if I can’t get at least 3 forget it, try again another day. And they need to remove spotting from this game, the game and equipment has evolved so much it is too much of an advantage for stacked teams for randoms to overcome. I am tired of getting killed by players who would have never seen me otherwise using some imaginable piece of equipment they aren’t even wearing. The other thing is they need to add more cool down with the wall-bounce regardless of if you roll out or not. I don’t care what anyone says, they are full of it, been playing since Gears 1, while a good strafing with a pop up and kill was always around this relentless wall bouncing was not, not until this gears. The ways you mod controllers makes it even worse. I hate to be a whiner and look, I have a good KTDR and can usually take down 1 or 2 bouncers no issue but 3 or more becomes really problematic for anyone. This game is the best gears for graphics and fluidity but it’s the least Gears like with the priority the younger developers placed on bouncing tactics. But it’s not shocking, younger players get bored of games they can’t manipulate to their advantage so they needed to do something to get them to play.

(DctRxDooM) #58

Curious Op what ranking are you?

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #59

No urgency to play anymore. As much as my rank dropped the past few weeks I gave up on rank. So I just started playing to enjoy Gears, but wait you can’t enjoy this broken game anymore. It’s either one or the other for me. Ranking is a joke, high ping players are a joke, lag city sucks. Active bodies don’t do shhhhhhhhh. So I can’t play for fun because it simply isn’t, I can’t play for rank because of quitters and high ping warriors from some distance land where dial up is all the rage. So I guess my gears fix will be a forum warrior lol.

(Krylon Blue) #60

Forum warriors, assemble!