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Solo players, THIS is why you lose to stacked teams


(Noble Guardian) #21

I’ve played solo for long and stumble upon average players who are willing to give it their best and could easily swap power weapons with, and I met others who sabotage the game intentionally or non intentionally. There is always the good, average, and the worst.

(Gto57) #22

“Farewell my brother.” He does not say it. There is no place for sweetness … Not on “Gears”. There is no room for weakness. Only hard and strong men can say “Gears”. Only hard men … Only strong men.

Do not worry, my friend! If the “Swarm” assassinate me, the whole coalition “COG” goes to war. Pray they are so stupid, pray for this chance. And then, we have no reason not to be courteous!

No retirement. No surrender. This is the law of “Gears”. And according to the law “Gears”, we will fight and fight … And die. A new age has begun. A virtual war age.

They serve the black designs of kings “Swarms” for five centuries, eyes black as night, teeth filed like fangs, devoid of soul. The personal guard of General Raam, the elite of the warriors, the most deadly fighting force: the. We put their name to the test.

Remember this memorable day my friends, because it will honor you forever and forever.

And my favorites:

  • soldiers, what is your profession?

The great king Leonidas of Spartan declared: "In the battle we become an absolutely impenetrable unit, where lies the source of our strength, every Spartan protects the man on the left, the thigh with his shield. The only weak link is the phalange, and we are not all made to become warriors.

(SuperStevie09) #23

so true, sometimes I have to play with no mic and alone, still spot, watch someones back shoot at a wall when you see a teammate running around a camped corner. but I usually play defensively anyway.

problem is most solo players play it for k/d like call of duty competing against his own team.It’s cool when you randomly match up with a team who just naturally works together, no voice just good awareness.

(GB6 Kazuya) #24

I’ve said this point many times. Of course it’s teamwork. There are too many solo players that want to be the “hero”, and end up failing the whole match for the team.

Just yesterday I played Guardian only to find the Leader wallbouncing head on into the fray. He died, brutally. And rightly so. He deserved it. My point is he was trying to hard to impress as opposed to even the slightest piece of cooperation.

On the other hand I find myself missing out on “perfect” scores in order to help ungrateful idiots succeed, or at least survive. I’m still waiting on that cloning machine, you know.

It’ll never change, no matter how many times you speak either here, through messages or very loudly in game chat.

(o Magical Hobo) #25

Add FFA… problem solved

(DctRxDooM) #26

If anything can be taken from this post it’s “MARKING PEOPLE” this is by far the best thing ever added to gears of war.

(Relax Mxte) #27

I have to agree. Spotting’s only gonna get you so far. I have beaten full stacks when playing solo but that’s just because they weren’t very good. Take an instance on Reclaimed for Escalation. If you push up to B (bowl) even if they’re spotted, you can’t see if you’re getting flanked. Where as a stack communicating simply says “Behind you” and your plan goes out the window.

If both teams were evenly matched skill wise, I couldn’t think of anything that a team of solos could do to beat the five stack.

(Duffman GB) #28

Speaking of Reclaimed, just won a match 7-5 after being 3 nil down. It was 4v4 after round 4 though.

The best news is winning it got me the 25 competitive games cheveo…at long last. I have needed to win 2 matches since yesterday. It took about 12 games in the end. Due to many factors, not least me playing poorly, mismatched lobbies, quitters.

I’m only Silver 3(actually 2 now!), so going up against Onyx and Diamond players is totally demoralising and somewhat soul destroying.

I would love to continue playing the mode but I don’t think my heart or swear jar could cope until the MM is sorted, back to KOTH for me.

(Relax Mxte) #29

Congrats dude. I’ve always just played Escalation so could never make the switch to Core. I barely even play anymore though, I already have the requirements for the Diamond Scion done, and I’ve just been grinding the Ruby Scion in Co-op vs AI.

For me anyways, there’s really nothing to do on Gears at the moment, which is unfortunate, as I’ve never been as demotivated on other Gears as I am currently with this one.

(Levis nut juice) #30

Sell the game

(DeIe Allli) #31

I play exclusively solo, and I can tell you that it’s not as simple as teamwork lmao… Simply put stacked teams are fiull of better skilled players than what you’'d find in solo queue. simple enough. Good players play with other good players.

(Junglist Shoota) #32

You must be fun/pleasant company at parties…

(RayzilIa) #33

Does playing coop count towards ruby? I thought it was only ranked?

(DctRxDooM) #34

Yes I think they changed it

(Krylon Blue) #35

Yes, it was changed so it counts now.

(men juicer) #36

Totally agree! My friend and I play all the time as a pair without mics. I have one he doesn’t. Marking, map understanding, and a general idea of what to do go a long way.
We regularly dominate without mics. Its really not that hard to communicate without mics, just work together. I play a lot of social and once you start marking other people usually follow suit.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #37

Yea, one of my best squad mates doesn’t use a mic but we work incredibly well. New members ask what the deal is but I’m like, “She’s an exception, you’ll see.”
The first friend of mine to get diamond did it with no mic, but excellent communication.

Some people just don’t understand

(xValtiel) #38

Oh man. Thank you for enlightening me as to why I lose solo now! I’ve truly been awakened!

(Krylon Blue) #39

It’s also because you play with them a lot so you know their tendencies and can kind of understand what they’re going to do. Randoms without mics are new to you as a player so you don’t really know how they’ll play so communication is key. If one team is communicating and the other is full of randoms not communicating it’s over. Mainly because randoms tend to charge with Gnashers and get mowed down while the other team is cross firing their Lancers.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #40

No, that’s not why we succeed. Trust me, I have no clue WTF they are going to do half the time. The key is, they are interested in helping me and I them. So, we tac com and watch each other. Mark for each other. Cross for each other.

Nobody said that it’s just as easy without verbal communication. But, solos can do much better than they’re doing. Much better.