Solo players, THIS is why you lose to stacked teams


(Al Bundy 33hero) #1

I see so many complaints about stacked teams so I had to offer some advice.
I usually play in a 5-man stack and the #1 difference I notice between playing in a squad and playing solo is not communication, but support. Solo players just don’t bother to help each other.

I cannot tell you how many times I die as a solo player and, on the death cam, I see there was a teammate right next to me who could not bother to shoot his weapon, switch guns, or even pop his head out from cover. It’s like you guys are just waiting for a teammate to die in his 1V so that you can step up to the plate next. Do you think stacked teams are doing that?

When I am in a stack, it’s common for us to play for several hours and only lose once or twice. The people who beat us are not necessarily teams, it’s usually talented solo players who are MARKING, SWITCHING WEAPONS, CROSSING, RUNNING IN PAIRS, THROWING SMOKES FOR EACH OTHER, etc, etc. This means you need to be situationally aware and TacCom to see who is doing what.
This makes a nightmare for stacked teams; really good solo players who help each other and roll in pairs. Teams usually spread out so if solos help each other and roll together, the stack starts to collapse.

I’m not a great player but there’s a reason I’m usually the strat guy for squads I play with and I hope this observation helps someone.

(LuvOfThaGame) #2

Biggest issue I have primarily as a solo player is power weapons. I kill the other guy to win the spot and the teammate runs up and takes it from me, or while I’m picking up the power weapon the enemy runs up to get a free kill because my teammate wants me to die so he can get it instead. Also, running to steal my down instead of engaging the other player still standing. Players can be such a#oles. This is why randoms lose.

(Potato Boy 025) #3

what if i genuinely suck
what strat do I use then?

(Al Bundy 33hero) #4

Yep, directly relates to the subject, solo players focusing on themselves and not the team. I know it’s not “that easy” because other people not just going to magically grant you the same courtesy. But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a 1st round with randoms and in the 2nd and 3rd they start helping back and we dominate those next two rounds. Happens all the time. Let them see you marking and crossing and there’s a good chance they’ll start doing it too. I sometimes even see enemies copying me and crossing from the same position I’m at, but on the other side of the map because I crossed them out a few times they see it’s working.

(Wabizashi) #5

If that’s how you see it, then support your teammates for the win! Even if you go negative support and just push on!

(Potato Boy 025) #6

Well butter my biscuits and call me larry! You’re right… I have to atleast try and help my teammates to the finish line. I’ll never forget your words of Wisdom, Wabizashi!

(Al Bundy 33hero) #7

Support baby! Some of the guys I play with are diamond masters and known in the community but I always get invites and can hang in those lobbies by supporting. Either follow the lead player and help, or find a strategic position where you can mark and lancer across the map. Marking is SO helpful to players who are moving around and don’t know where every enemy is. If their opponent takes cover, your cross will force them out. You can be invaluable just by changing your mindset to strengthening the strong players.

(Krylon Blue) #8

Pretty much.

We were in a 5 stack on Clocktower (Guardian) and we were all communicating when my buddy said he was coming in with grenades down low. I was on the top right stairs waiting for it and when I saw the 3 enemies explode on the killfeed I rushed down and told my buddy “go go go go” and we charged the Leader. The leader had a Boltok but he focused on my teammate who rolled backwards and I charged him for the kill. This would never happen with randoms.

(Rundan) #9

For this to take place effectively you would need communication and therefore defeats the idea of beating Full Squads as a Solo Player. Yes, no one should let their teammate die if they have a chance to stop it like the example you used but other than that it would be pretty hard to cooperate with other players if the entire team is playing quote on quote solo. In other words no mics, no communication. For players to truly “support” each other there needs to be some grounds of communication otherwise it’s just going to lead to unorthodox gameplay. Disregard the obvious and not let them die right in front of me, I can’t imagine how I could effectively help my teammates without being able to talk to them. They’re lots of little things that help here and there like TacCom
But ultimately what wins games are Crossing and Call outs. And this can only work with communication. I just don’t see how your post is truly helpful.

If solo players want to stop losing the turn on their mics…

(Duffman GB) #10

I posted in another thread earlier almost the exact same sentence. I agree 100% with communication/tagging and being awre using Tac-com if you are solo player.

(Rundan) #11

To be honest there’s really no advice to give a solo player on what to do with a stacked team. You’re asking for too much at that point. The best thing anyone can do is communicate with their team and at that point you’re no longer playing solo so really its pointless

(Duffman GB) #12

Pointless ? really I disagree. Even if you are solo do the best you can. You may not be able to get into/want to get into a team for a myriad of reasons.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #13

If you can’t work as a team without verbal communication then that’s probably something you need to work on. Marking is critical. Use a snub to indicate when you can’t mark. There’s a LOT you can do.

(Rundan) #14


What you’re suggesting makes no sense. You can’t necessarily “work as a team” without communication or else it will lead to unorthodox gameplay like I said earlier.

Without stating obvious idea’s like OP used I would love to hear some of your examples on how to work as a team that would actually be effective and or game changing against a full stack. So far I haven’t heard any stories on solo players beating a full squad by simply using Tac Com or spotting enemies LOL


If that’s the case then where’s the small violin I’m hearing? Because you’re not going to win against a full team if you choose to play solo or not communicate. Simple. This logic is pretty universal across all Shooter games.

(Duffman GB) #15

I not talking about me, try not to be so hostile in your replies to people. We are all here because of our love for Gears.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #16

Again, it’s one of those things where, if you don’t understand it, you probably can’t appreciate it.

(Rundan) #17

And I wasn’t referring to you specifically as well either. In speech words like “you” is understood to represent many people when giving the correct context.

And I wasn’t being hostile in the slightest way. I’m a little confused where that vibe resonated from.

(Rundan) #18


No, I’m pretty sure I understand. But I’m more convinced that you’re the one that can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

If you truly think I’m wrong then give me some examples. I love having my mind changed.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #19

I’ve seen the way you incessantly disagree with people and never concede a single point, even when you’re dead to rights so I’m perfectly OK with you thinking that randoms can’t work as a team. The more people think that way, the easier it is for me on field.

(Rundan) #20

I have no idea what you’re talking about when it comes to me not conceding to points? I didn’t know I was famous on the forums. Anyways, no. I’m not going to back away from a stance that I know is correct.

I’ve politely asked to have my mind changed which completely contradicts what you said about me soooo I’m guessing you just made that up as an escape route to avoid answering my question in which I’m about to ask for a third time…give me examples.

Seeing as you can’t, that typically means you’re the individual that’s wrong here. How condescending of you to say that I’m wrong when in reality you can’t evnw back up what you say.