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Solo players be warned

(Funny Maybe) #61

A single game in which you were fortunate enough to have teammates who listened doesn’t constitute a counter argument. Most people never talk, and when they do, they won’t even respond to respectful suggestion productively. These people should be on Social.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #62

Not just a single game. I brought it up because it happens a lot. I get a lot of adds because of my call outs. Granted, most of the people I get lobbied with don’t speak English so it’s not like it’s happening in every match, nor did I claim that. In fact, I prefaced it as “food for thought”.

Also, a lot of it has to do with how you play. I don’t need others to talk to me in order for me to communicate with them effectively. I call strats for my teammates in a squad so I’m used to watching the map, the info feed, tac com-ing to see what teammates are doing. A lot of randoms, especially higher level players, hear these calls about flanks, power weapons, rotations, enemy positions, etc. It’s your choice if you want to try or give up on communication. I try because it turns out to be worth it for me.

(Funny Maybe) #63

I wouldn’t be playing if I gave up communication. Didn’t even imply that. In fact, I said that I make respectful call outs to teammates that go unheeded. Also, it still doesn’t work as food for thought when it contradicts the bulk of experience when playing with randoms. What does a few games prove? That eventually randoms make unwittingly good decisions. Maybe they listen for a game. That is the slim exception. And if you’re getting no feedback, you’re probably talking to yourself and feeling like a Napoleon Bonaparte.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #64

You do what works for you and I’ll keep doing my thing because the times it works are very rewarding and I make friends because of it.

Think of it this way; if more people did what I suggest, what would the result be vs more people not communicating?
I’ve no idea why someone would have a problem with me recommending communication.

(Funny Maybe) #65

I don’t have a problem with you communicating (kudos to you, seriously), and if it made you friends, more power still.

I disagree with the sentiment(most of your options) that players have more power than they realize when it comes to matchmaking and their teammates listening. I’ve sat stone-faced at plenty of embarrassing losses because of one-way comms. Party invites lead to nothing. Text leads to smart alec responses. No matter how I try to package a critique or suggest strategy, people will not respond with words or action. Glad you’ve had better results.


I have won plenty of matches as a solo. No mic.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Amaaan asif88) #67

I’m done with this game thanks to 5 men stack team diamond I’m losing all games because all my teammates solo players thanks to tc destroyed gears franchise broken ranking system broken servers its time leave gears thanks tc good job tc

(Mardiest) #68

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the ranking system in general and have made my opinion known in this Forum but as a solo player, provided you sweat in each and every match, remain patient and don’t quit when you go a round or man down, you can best most players; even if they are in a stacked team.

I have not played with a single other person in my Gears 4 playtime. I have solo queued every match I’ve played (99% ranked TDM matches) and I’ve just hit Gold 3 ranking with 57% towards Onyx 1. You just have to mark targets to help your team, choose your pushes wisely and up your game if your teammates are struggling. Power weapons are your friends in this case.

(BaconMcSwagger) #69

The fact of the matter is Gears needs better matchmaking. Meaning that if I’m alone on a team that is full of solo queue players then the other team should mirror our team. It makes no sense that if I’m alone on a team the other team is a 5 man squad. This is kind of annoying to me and is why I haven’t played in awhile. Now most people would just say get a team of your own which is not really my play style. The only team I want is a team of my friends which won’t happen because they stopped playing. This is just another reason why I want FFA for Gears 5.

(Yonatan555) #70

It does seem odd to complain about people who take the time to form a squad and happen to excel at the game. I have someone on my friends list who i play with often that complains when we face teams that lancer and it baffles me. The lancer has been in the game since it’s inception and at this point it’s very useful and can make a huge difference in the outcome of the match…why wouldn’t people use it? GoW is my favorite mp so its common for me to jump in a match solo and before the player pool decreased and the connection issues intensified i had a lot of fun and decent success. Because of it’s mechanics there are just certain stratgies that prove useful in winning a match. Teamwork and execution of said stategies can help overcome skill deficiencies. I hardly ever get matched against a team that i feel my team can’t beat if we all stay for the whole game and play as a team. Stacked teams are nothing compared to the connection issues and the advent of high ping warriors.

(IlIlQIlIl) #71

I mean I’ve gotten to Diamond 4 almost 5 and I play alone or with one other person :confused:

(Omen LP) #72

I’d play solo without any issues, if only randoms didn’t quit or go afk. THAT is my only ■■■■■ about this…

(TheLastArchive) #73

You can always play social, that only has a max party size of 2. Remember that if there is ever a skill or rank based matchmaking system, people will want to be on top and will do anything they can to get there, including abusing broken mechanics or OP weapons (which is why the Hammerburst was removed as a starting weapon) However, if you lose against these 5 stacks, your rank will drop and you will play against people more suited to your skill level. You can’t blame TC for not wanting to play with other people or make friends to play with. Personally, I enjoy running 4/5 stacks because I find good players on the LFG and have made some good friends. I’ve never really cared about winning but I can’t stand losing because of a bad team.

Go on a LFG and find some people to play with, try it out, Gears is far more fun when you play with friends.

(Omen LP) #74

Exactly… You can’t blame a company for making a team based game which puts players who don’t want to play in/as a team at a disadvantage, compared to those who do :smile:

You’re not playing the game how it was designed to be played. That’s up to you, of course, play however you like, but don’t complain about it…