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Solo players be warned

(Sin Ogaris) #41

You’re choosing to play a team based game without having a team, that’s not the developers fault, it’s your own.

The game is literally designed with coordination and teamwork in mind.

(Navajo Sioux 24) #42

I have a friend of mine who is diamond 4 in king and invs players who are bronze and golds. That way the system finds players similar to his teammates rank. So that way he gets mvp every match and ranks up so easily and fast. He was diamond 1 for awhile until he started doing that system. It’s a cheap way to rank up because he’s not going against players his own skill and rank. But it works for him.

(lukebazz91) #43

I agree with everything you said except for the last part which i would only agree on in a quick match drop in and out setting.

What i do not like is high rank players are partying up together and being placed with lower rank players which results in a one sided outcome over and over, then leading to a small group of players never going down in rank and a small group of solo players being kept from ranking up due to the unbalanced situation explained above.

I do not think party play should be removed i do however think 2 solutions should be avaliable

  1. The ability to toggle on or off grouped players

  2. A better system that pairs people against one another, taking into account people partying up or running solo.

Its strange to see so many people not understand what is being said, im simply saying people want skill based competitive matchmaking but they also want to keep a competitive edge over others, that is not competitive or skilled its the opposite.

(Al Bundy 33hero) #44

I agree with that concept. I think in some posts you’ve come across as wanting things that would put all party players in the same cage, and that’s just not cool as there are a lot of people who just want to play with friends. Many of them aren’t super-sweaty and it would be horrible for those people to have to consistently go against lancer crossing squads who only play to win.

The system is supposed to give squads greater estimation of winning and balance things out in that way. It used to do that, to an extent. Now, the player base is so limited that it’s not really much of an option. It takes who it can get. If we get a fresh group of players in Gears 5, better balances with the weapons and maps, and a MUCH better ranking system, we might see a lot of these issues resolved without having to isolate players who happen to play with friends.

(Omen LP) #45


This situation of playing with a D4 and a bunch of low ranks is exactly what I do, most of the time. Not to try and cheat the system but because we all get along very well, have fun playing together, and we are of different skill levels. We have a D4, a Silver, I flip back and forth between silver and gold, and usually either silver, gold, or sometimes onyx joins us to fill up the team.

We get virtually no rank increases, EVER, because we are always expected to win. And sometimes we get put against all/mostly onyx teams, and we lose, and then rank goes down…

I don’t know how it works for your friend, I’m not seeing that in our case…

(Short On Talent) #46

I’d love to see the game go back to 4 on 4. I think people would be surprised at the difference that’ll make. Doubt it happens, but you never know.

(mike yaworski) #47

This is why solo queuing is impossible. “Lucky” on my team was AFK for 95% of the match. He would walk 20 steps, go AFK, walk to an already-capped hill and stand on it, go AFK, sit in spawn for a whole round, etc. He also had 200 ping. Was essentially a 4v5. We lost the first round because two of the teammates were AFK.

You’d think they should win more than one round if it’s a 4v5 the whole game right? Nope. Because three of them on the other team quit and the other two are barely Gold. They started quitting when it was 3-1.

One night, I kid you not, someone was shooting up some drug while playing. He had his mic on while he was doing it all.

Idk necessarily how to fix people quitting, uneven teams, AFK teammates, people shooting up Heroin, etc. But all I know is that it ruins ranked for people who solo queue.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #48

Not to take away from your greater point, but the hardcore drug thing is something I’ve run into as well. I had a team of randoms add me after I MVPd a KOTH 3 months ago and they have not left me alone since. In the 3 matches I played we had 2 guys wired from doing rails and another literally passing out in matches from other substances.

I stopped replying to messages and invites but one of these freaks made friends with someone I party up with and is trying to get in my games again. Ugh…

(TheDeuterostome) #49

Just wow!

(DctRxDooM) #50

People can play the game however they want, they pay for it and pay for Xbox live. If the want to have fun playing with a full team then that’s great. This coming from someone who mostly plays solo. There have always been stacked teams in gears I don’t agree with you on that. I remember host not starting matches in gears 1 until people were on correct teams

(Foxy Renegade) #51

I’d be happy to have a system closer to Gears of War 3 in terms of playlists. Personally, I don’t want to play Social because I can’t guarantee the gametype I’ll be playing as well as sometimes I have more than just one friend with me. The reason that you could play social before and rarely come in contact with stacked teams was because most played ranked while those who weren’t looking for that sort of experience played their favorite game mode with a couple of friends or by themselves.

All in all, the matchmaking system put in place should weigh the number of players on a team and match up to something identical. Rather in this installment, it appears there is no such priority. Aside from that, TC needs to revert back to a social playlist for each of the popular gametypes.

(mike yaworski) #52

Lmao I feel like there should be a sobriety test before you can play ranked at this point

(Visi0n) #53

You just have to be lucky enough to get good randoms on your team. There is no prerequisite to ranked so literally anyone can play. Therefore ranked is filled with a lot of casuals and people that don’t really know how to play the game. It is what is it.

(o DiiRt) #54

Are you seriously saying that because you don’t have enough people for a full squad that others shouldn’t? There’s enough serious issues to complain about in this game, but c’mon man this takes the proverbial cake and then some on complaints. Next people will complain that the opposing team is moving around the map.

(o DiiRt) #55

Perhaps I came off as harsh but you must accept that fact that some only want casual fun while others only play for themselves and don’t care for a team experience.

(R3VoLv3R 85) #56

I feel you Kraas, played against you a few times in the past solo of course :slight_smile:

(R3VoLv3R 85) #57

How did you know they were snorting rails lol could have been a bad cold

(Me0wMix CatFood) #58

Because they told be they were and asked me to partake as well. They were disappointed when I said I was running Gears sober that night. :smile:
There was some corny line they said each time they went for a bump too, I think it was Minh’s “for the power of the COG!”
I wasn’t high at the time but just being in party chat with these dudes I swear I felt like I was back at some seedy party with some dudes that were fresh out.

(SaSuKe One) #59

Come on man! Do players really like it when they are 5 stack,vs randos and winninig 180-0 match after match isnt that boring?

5stack shoud play 5stack randos vs randos.

The one sided beatdown ond the randos takesvi easy.
Im gold 2 in solo and diamond in my other account at my girlfriends home, im playing in stacked. Something is wrong.

I play solo on this gamer tag,and it is hell. I know its a team game but,let it be fair for everbody. why are 5 stacks suddenly afraid of havving to play vs other 5 stacks. In the future.
Players left this game because of unstable,matchmaking that does feed randos to the lions.
But if we can get a lobby for ranked solo and one for stacked. Maybe more players will enjoy this game and more players will play it.
So for gears 5,i really recommend the devs to make it happen.

Edit:spelling corrections :slight_smile:

(R3VoLv3R 85) #60

haha fair play, good line to use, either that or The Cole train runs on c****** baby!! wooooo