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Solo players be warned

(Omen LP) #21

We have that problem all the time. Our core team is a really good D4, and a couple of Silvers. Depending who joins us, we could end up

D4, O3, S2, S3, B3 vs 5 Onyx players…

not balanced, one diamond (even 4) doesn’t equal 2-3 onyx players, in KOTH… but somehow we are ALWAYS expected to win, so wins give no rank advancement and losses drop rank like crazy…

So we try to fill the team with good silvers and a gold, and then we usually wipe out the competition.

Most of the games are unbalanced, sometimes in our favor, sometimes against us.

This matchmaking and ranking system really isn’t well suited to teams with very different ranks…


I play solo and have no problem playing against a stacked team. I played a couple games this weekend where lancer crossing was an issue but it’s part of the game (and it is a buzzkill).
I know because I play solo I need to step my game up if I’m on a good team.

(lukebazz91) #23

So a load of you think 5 people who are good, choosing who they play with should be put against 5 randoms of varrying levels, ability and in most cases have one or two that decide to go afk is a good implementation of team play that maximises skill in a cover based shooter?

I think our opinions on a competitive but fair playing field might differ a bit.

(Relax Mxte) #24

Oh I totally get that. I’ve gotten invites of people who want to play with me just because I’ve done good either with or against them. I don’t join them either because like you said, I don’t actually consider them friends, more acquaintances.

I know you said not me as an example, but one of the people I play with I know personally so even if he wasn’t the greatest I’d still play with him. The others started of with like you said, we started playing because we knew we were good together. That was in like Season 0 on Warzone. Now, I consider them friends and we just play together for fun.

When we play we’re not doing strats that stacks do like ‘X people go to this position’ or always 2vs1’ing people. We just play like we’re solo queuing, in that we’ll push in stupidly.

I don’t like those stacks who treat Ranked like a scrim though, I can see why solos would be annoyed by those type of players can I know I would.

(Relax Mxte) #25

I don’t think that no. Stacks should play stacks ideally. But even if you went into a game where everyone was a solo queue a bad random could let you down. It’s happened to me when I was trying to get my Diamond in Escalation.

Like I said, it’s not exactly fair for the other team, but I’d rather play with people who have an idea of what they’re doing.

(Qannon) #26

First things first,

I used to play a lot back in GoW1, a bit less in GoW2 and GoW3 before letting PvP go for the past 6 or 7 years. Mostly because it got me raging as a teen and young adult and, nearing 30 now is not something I feel is appropiate for someone my age. I’ve gotten into GoW4 PvP about 2 weeks ago, playing PvP for the first time in about 6 or 7 years, and let me tell you… Going in solo is just the worst. I don’t have the time I used to anymore, and my friends I used to play with got a life on their own as well, so we barely play alltogether. I tried my share of going solo today and it wasn’t pretty. Getting back in PvP after such a time is pretty demanding on it’s own, let alone playing a game people have played for years, against (near) full teams most of the time. I just get my ■■■ handed to me since hardly anyone is susceptible to “randomers” talking to them (I recall in GoW1 people were more likely to talk and such compared to nowadays), simply because people communicate. And it does suck the fun out of it for me. I pretty much sworn off PvP once again because of this. End of the day, I want to have a good time online, and seeing how I do become very competitive when online it just makes me want to quit PvP for good.

(ExcaIibur) #27

You don’t see nothing, so don’t assume. I had used my mic long enough to know. Having played Gears since day one, I know exactly how matches are won and lost. Gears has changed a lot since the first, people actually spoke in every single game back then. Now, its pretty much silence, especially on the EU servers.

People rarely listen to someone else. You expect solo people to use their mic and tell others how to play and win a match? All that gets you, is someone reporting you because they don’t like that. Why would I use my mic also, when no one else is speaking… its a team game after all and a ranked match. Everyone, or most should be communicating.

Half are probably in parties and the other half don’t ever speak. Playing a ranked match, the game should force everyone into game chat. I haven’t played Cod for a long time, but I think I remember one of them doing that.

I’ve had some good team mates playing solo, but then you still get a lot of quitters, afk’ers and others who have no idea how to change up their game play. This is quite prevalent on KOTH. Overall Gears 4 has a multitude of problems, which are never gonna be fixed.

Maybe Gears 5 might be a lot better, but how many will be wanting to buy it after this half baked, half content of a game. All the skill and good stuff from Gears 3, was removed and out churned Gears 4.

Just to point out, I don’t have a problem playing solo, I accept going up against stacked teams or whatever. This is one of the best ways to get your skill to a high level, not that I need to :slight_smile:

(Omen LP) #28

This has nothing to do with the issue of team vs solo matchmaking! 5 people who are good vs 5 people of various skills?? Or people going afk? What does this have to go with teams vs non teams? A team of randoms who communicate vs a team of randoms who don’t, and go afk… it’s nothing to do with teams…

I don’t know how to quote from 2 posts here, but another person said something like teams do 2v1… well, duh… it’s a 5v5 team sport, it is NOT 5 individual separate 1v1s!!

There it is, that is the crux, isn’t it? People complaining about teams are just complaining that they can’t just run around and engage in random 1v1s in a game, when playing against a coordinated team…

We just need a free for all, no teams, elimination game mode. Like execution, just everyone is their own team… That’s what you want. Stop complaining that I play a team game mode in an actual team!

(mike yaworski) #29

It’s a team game and you can’t get mad at stacks for playing as a team

Yeah, so is every other game with a good ranking system (CSGO, Overwatch, League of Legends, etc). But those games don’t put good stacks against clueless solos.

Yes, you should be allowed to team up and play with your friends. But the people you play against should also be in a team or the solo players should be good enough to compensate. That’s the point. It’s usually unfair matchmaking (hence why I have a 94% win rate).

(RG Bosco) #30

Well said

(lukebazz91) #31

Your are deluded, answer the question straight is 5 people partying up together, having experience playing together all ranked diamond fair against 5 people of a mix of gold and onyx?

You cannot justify that scenario, which is the main problem with stacked team play.

You talk about communicating where have you been since 2009, people using a headset is a declining novelty.

Your just tendure because you are starting to realise that all that dopamine that rushed to your brain when you was winning them matches and getting them kills was with an unfair advantage and your doing your best to hide the shame you should rightfully feel.

(Omen LP) #32

Lol, it’s what I’ve been saying from beginning.

These complains aren’t about a team made up of people in a single squad vs a team make up of individuals.

It’s about GOOD players working as a team vs a bunch of POOR players, thrown together, and being lone wolfs.

The problem isn’t the good players in a team. The problem are the poor solos.

We frequently go against a bunch of random players who give us a very tough time.
I have playing solo gone up against teams and won…

It’s about individual skill

Complaining about good teams vs cluless solos? Come on, surely you realize the system cannot tell who is good and who is clueless, right? It tries to take rank into consideration… sometimes it scews up… but it can’t tell who is a good gold vs bad gold, who is a good onyx vs bad onyx.

And who is a silver because of the nature of the ranking system, and is outscoring onyx players on his own team…

(This was a good example: we were in a team, but my team mates did not cooperate, did not rotate in time, and we lost to a non team. Good game, though)


As a player that never ques solo, I think I speak for everyone that plays staked when I say that the solo v. 5 man que hurts everyone for (2) reasons.

  1. Nobody gains from winning 30 plus matches against solo players with teams that usually have mostly gold and silver players. And it keeps that portion of the community in that rank range.

  2. When you do play a game against a 5 man (which usually happens once every twenty or so matches) you either win or lose. (Which in turn keeps all players stagnant)

This is truly the reason why a vast portion of the population dislikes the rank system as they see no progression. Going into most matches, 5 men-staked teams enjoy not having to worry about losing most matches, but then feel like most matches are literally a waste of time.

(men juicer) #34

The issue is this game is OLD the playerbase is not what it used to be. If the playerbase tripled than the system for grouping people together of equal skill together would work. The fact of the matter is that there isnt as many diamonds as there is lower ranks.

If full diamond people want to squad they will most likely meet a lower tier group of randoms or even a squad of full golds/silvers.

It is what it is, the game was designed to have a larger play base to accommodate the squads. Yes TC created this but its not their fault that the game is OLD.

I don’t understand why people are always complaining, get over it. TC is working on gears 5, they are not going to completely revamp the matchmaking system because you’re butthurt. I have played this game for 6 months and am ranked like silver on all gametypes. I’ve never had a squad before, its not the end of the world.

When it was 4xp on Koth i was ranked BRONZE. I pulled 72 kills and 16,000 points in the game and won the match. I was playing against 2 gold 3’s and 3 silvers. Get better people.

(men juicer) #35

And how everyone else has said before.

I play 100% solo, if you have a mic than use callouts, spot people, communicate! Listen and follow other players. I do this constantly! Halfway through a tough KOTH match and you see a teammate at the top of the leaderboard? FOLLOW him, hes obviously doing something right, and im sure he would appreciate some cover fire when hes rushing the ring.

(ExcaIibur) #36

Against a 5 stack and someone left at the very start, because it was Raven Down… I thought might aswell get something out of it…

Against the same 5 stack and one of them left after the first round…

(ll R E D l) #37

My only problem with stacked teams is that the ranking system is catered to them. Most times when I loose to a stacked team I’m in the top 3 players. My rank shouldn’t be affected by a win/loose scenario

(TheDeuterostome) #38

I think he ranks should be based on teams. I think if your team wins everyone goes up and if you lose everyone should go down. Mvp should go up regardless of win or lose. It’s sucks to win and never move up. I don’t think individual skill is as important as the teams skill.

(xxxGAUNTLETxxx) #39

I don’t mind going against stacked teams if I’m playing solo, sometimes it’s not fun getting a beat down, but you actually learn from it and it does make you better. As long as they stay in there party chat and not try to rub it in. If gears 5 can have much more balance matchmaking and take squad’s into consideration would be great if not oh well. It’s practice and maybe just one day that s**t will pay off into a upset!

(ll R E D l) #40

I completely disagree. I look at it like most major league sports. Just because someones on a loosing team doesn’t mean their rank should go down if they perform on par or better than the competition. Perfect example if Lebron or Jordan were on a loosing team would their individual rank go down if they still perform. Nope. It is a team game but at the end of the day its an individual rank. It would be 1 thing if you were on the same team all the time then I would agree with you