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Solo players be warned

(lukebazz91) #1

Gears of war 4 has the worst case of stacked team abusing in the franchise, a lot of solo players have wised up to this exploit and now good players will party up so they can crush the opposite mixed random team with good and bad players.

Even if quick match is brought back in 5 its too late, stacked teams will be abundant, you have two choices lower yourself to that level or be prepared to have the fun sucked out of the game for you in 5.

Gow 1- j when you played against randoms and only came across stacked teams every now and then compared to 4 where unknowingly TC have created a platform for losers to waste peoples time.

What is skill full about choosing who you play with when you are going into a match filled with randoms? No one seems to care about that question, just about their stupid rates on gimmicky esports skins.

Why is there not a feauture that prioritises your opponets based on whether or not you are playing with people on your freinds list or solo?

Again it will all fall on death ears

(Me0wMix CatFood) #2

You post a lot about is stacked teams ruining your game.
Some options;
-Use a mic.
-Make friends in the game.
-Play social.
-observe tendencies of teams and learn how to deconstruct the wall. (smokes are your friend).

Also consider that you’re playing a game that is 5v5. It’s a team game. You’re ranting about people playing the objective better than you are.

Don’t get me wrong, I think lancer crossing teams are pollution to the community and I’d like to see it changed. But, TC designed the game to play this way (and if you’ve ever played against them that’s all they do is exploit this stuff) so we either need to learn how to play this game, or find something else that plays the way we like.
TC may change certain things for us here and there but they’re not going to uproot the whole foundation of a 2 year old game.

(lukebazz91) #3

I can appreciate your reply but i dont think you really understand what i am saying.

As an adult with friends that dont play games or work different hours, i cant play with most of my friends also as an adult i wont go out of my way to play a game with people i do not know just to win in that game.

TC have created a system that takes into account your skill and puts you with equally skilled players and some not as good as you which is i fine i have no problem with that however if you add people based on their skill and party up 5 diamonds as an example you will not be facing off against 5 diamonds, you will still be playing against an asorment of mid to low players with maybe one or two good players.

This in my mind is a work around the system to give yourself an edge and easy win against under prepared and underskilled players while also gaining the max amount of xp, credits and keeping your rank place secure from someone who should be surpassing you but is being held back because they do not use that work around.

And the end result is that more and more people have now learned that stacked team play is the best way to win and earn xp or rank cosmetics, so when gears 5 comes out it will be just as bad if that has a ranking system that works like 4 but if they go back to the quick match style system of previous games stacked teams will still be abundant because of the easy wins and massive xp or credit boost that it will provide.

The only people who will suffer are solo players

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

I’m an adult with a home and a business and all sorts of grown up stuff but I’ve made a ton on fiends on Xbox. Not everyone wants to play with friends or talk, I understand.

They do have a solo/pair mode (social) and honestly I think that’s all the playerbase can support right now. They did 2v2 recently and those lobbies weren’t exactly stacked. I played against bots half the time. I think most people like the 5v5,even if there are a few annoying teams here and there.

Hopefully, G5 will have true solo modes for players like yourself. I’m not against what you want. I’m actually in support of that. But not in #4. The game is already built and players need to either work within it’s framework or wait for the next Gears.

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

Also, just food for thought. Last night I ran solo KOTH and faced a stacked team of teabaggers from Mexico who sponged a LOT. After losing the first and being down 150 to 30 in the 2nd round I got on the mic and started running strats. “smoke and push. Cross from middle stairs. Next hill”.
Not only did we pull an impossible comeback that round, but we did the same in the 3rd round and won by 7 seconds. It was an exhilarating victory and an example of how one player with good callouts can lead a group of randoms to victory over a stack.

(mike yaworski) #6

I am one of those people who plays in a stacked team. I totally agree with you that it ruins ranked games. Playing solo is so unnecessarily stressful in this game. I’ve done it in prior seasons and a few times this season. It’s always a horrible experience.

Teammates quit, go afk or straight up can’t keep up with the skill of the lobby. Diamond + Silver vs Onyx + Onyx is not good matchmaking, and that happens all the time if you solo.

Compare solo queuing ranked to any other game and you’ll see that it’s the worst in this one.

You shouldn’t have to force yourself to play with people from LFG or anything else just to play a fair game of ranked.

(ExcaIibur) #7

I’m laughing at this… because I play solo, I’m from the UK (EU servers then) and literally no one ever talks in game. Its probably like 98% of the matches I’ve played, that no one uses a mic or listens. Absolutely pointless, I don’t even have my mic plugged in anymore.

I’ve been on the US servers an while back, and the percentage of mic users was slightly higher back then, but also you have to take in account the player base is higher there though.

When you go up against a stacked team of 5 (especially in core), and the solos are winning… the stacked team just whip out their lancers and its pretty much game over. Unless the solos are of high quality skilled players (unlikely they all are). They even whip them out on maps like Raven Down and Checkout, talk about desperate times lol

(Me0wMix CatFood) #8

You “don’t even have a mic plugged in any more” but you say people aren’t listening. I see a strong correlation here…

(Relax Mxte) #9

I don’t think calling people who play in stacks losers is very nice to be honest. I’m not going to choose to not play with my friends in case I run into solo players who get upset because their teammates aren’t the best.

I know I’m good individually but playing with randoms doesn’t solidify that. I was three stacking yesterday and my teammate got ten kills in three rounds of KOTH. Today had a teammate get five kills and die twenty times in Escalation. And he just sat on the home hill. We lost but how is that a reflection of my skill? I’d rather play with people who can actually shoot straight.

(Bleeding Pepper) #10

Many people like to play in groups to socialise at the same time as play. Stacked teams are frustrating opponents because the added communications makes them organised amd usually.harder to play, but I don’t see why this is an issue in any true sense. Gears multiplayer is and always has been a team game.

(Who is WARRI0R) #11

A solo queue mode would be awesome. However, like Me0wMix CatFood alluded to, the current player-base may not be able to support it.

(KraAS) #12

I have a job and kids i can only play 3-4 games a day and i dont have a time to play in stacked team. I always play solo becoise of lack of the time but its terrible expierience lately. Thera are 10-20 eu diamond players that plays always togother, i see them every day sweating against solos like me. There must be a way to force them to play gainst another stacked teams and not randoms that just want have some fun and relax playing gears.

(Saber Skywalker) #13

There’s only one thing for it then really, disable chat and the ability to team up, now everyone’s in the same sinking ship XD

(TheDeuterostome) #14

This is rediculous! Play in social if you don’t want to play stacked teams. I am amazed people are complaining about playing a team game against teams.

(Saber Skywalker) #15

I think the problem stems from ‘ranking’
Players understandably want to ‘progress’ in something as they play. Social offers nothing to this effect. Gears games of old allowed solo players to take part in ‘the whole experience’ without finding so many stacks and many can’t accept times have changed

(R SW1PE) #16

Not talking about you specifically but here’s the thing, are a lot of the stacked teams actually friends or are they more acquaintancies playing together just because they know the other person is good? My head says it’s the latter and they wouldn’t play together if they weren’t both good at the game. In my experience there’s a lot of users about. Ask for an invite then bugger off as soon as you lose a match. Can’t be doing with people like that.

It’s a real chore to play this game solo. I’ve been playing Social recently if I’m on my own. I get invites from people who want to be “acquantancies” but I generally ignore them, they just want to run in stacked teams constantly. It’s boring and it ruins the game for everyone else just so they can cheese some blue badge which doesn’t mean diddly-squat.

Good game yesterday @lukebazz91 you weren’t against a stacked team. I was only with one Onyx 2 and the rest were randoms.

(Omen LP) #17

You know how we have a thread about the rank system? @TC_Octus, can we get one thread for people who complain about players having the nerve to team up to play a team sport? I am tired of these threads popping up everyone someone has crap random teammates and complains about playing against better team players?

I jumped into a random koth last night, starting talking, 1 guy talked back, we had a great game. Only the 2 of us were talking, but everyone heard us…

My favorote post of all time, re solo vs “stacked” was this one guy who complained about being at a disadvantage because he just wanted to play with music blasting into his ears, and hated going against teams who actually communicated, hahaha…

That’s what it is, most of the time. People want to go all Lone Wolf, in a team sport, and hate that the other side actually is a TEAM :wink:

(Me0wMix CatFood) #18

Played with a very diverse “stacked” team tonight…
A buddy who is currently various levels of diamond, a casual gold level gears player, my wife (who has never passed Bronze 2 and hasn’t played in months), and her BFF. We were just playing for fun. Not lancer crossing or bullying.

The system is very unkind in the matchmaking and had no problem putting us against 5 Onyx 3s, in which case it’s like we’re playing two people down because our girls can’t hang at that level.

Please keep in mind that not all 5 stacks are abusing the system. Some of us are just playing video games with friends and don’t need to be penalized or restricted.

(TheDeuterostome) #19

I have been playing with friends since gears 2 in a team. I have built friendships through this and choosing to play with these people is not abusing the system. It is playing it as inteneded. If playing gears is a chore, you are playing for the wrong reason and should move onto something else.

(lukebazz91) #20

Good game was it foundation?