Solo Master Horde Frenzy on Regency as an Infiltrator

Unlike you, I don’t objectify women and reduce them to their biological age. She may have some wrinkles but she can still pilot a King Raven. :wink:

I don’t think that’s how biology works, Pepper.

So wrinkles do hinder the opreration of aircraft…?

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No, but what reason does a 23 year old have to find interest in someone in their 60s?

For the record, that’s my age, not yours. Personality or not, I’m not going to look at someone 40 years older than me in a certain way.

It’s quite a good film. :smiley:

But also, I wasn’t referring to Sam (at any age) in a sexual way. Just that I want @Ultra_Gnasty to use different Sam skins to redo this solo challenge.

Is it older than me?

Just let him have his V-Day Sam. No one likes old Sam, except you apparently.

I think you missed the point. I’m poking fun at a different person who posts lots of videos of themselves doing the same Escape master solo runs, but just with a different character skin. Not different class, or different card set-up. Just. Different. Skins.

Riiiight, I kinda forgot about that.

I never understood the whole skin thing anyway. Like when some people suggest doing certain Horde runs all as one skin/character, I’m just sitting there like, “Why?”. Usually, the answer isn’t satisfactory.