Solo Master Horde Frenzy on Regency as an Infiltrator

This one was a huge pain in the a**. During one of my attempts, my ultimate stopped working after killing the swarmak and carrier. I knew my inevitable death was coming once wave 9 started. However, my stubbornness kept me going and I can proudly say that I finally solo’d Regency :smiley:!


Could you do it again but with a different character skin? Those ones are the best kinds of videos!



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Asking Ultra to rock anything other than V-Day Sam is like asking Koty to use anyone but Lahni. That skin is so integral to him that asking him to use anything else is one of those things that you just don’t do.

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I’d be happy with the older present-day Sam; and the Hollow Storm one. Same map, same class, but different skins.

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He does occasionally use other characters :wink:

@GhostofDelta2 can you ban this guy? thank you in advance

Haha good luck with same map

Cougar Sam? MILF Sam?

Its called Passion, actually.

Just got done watching and good job beating the actual hardest map in the game. The last was pretty intense when you lost your stim.


I can’t ban anyone.

Congratulations @Ultra_Gnasty ! Hard work and persistence paid off!


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Perfectly acceptable. But…

How old are you again?

Congrats on yet another achievement that most will probably never achieve, whether it be out of lack of skill or patience. My patience limit was certainly met with Escape solos.

No one seems to have those qualms when they tell me to use something that isn’t Lizzie.

I just hate when I join a lobby and Anya’s already there. I’m a firm believer in everyone using different characters to keep everyone distinct, so I always swap off to someone else.

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I’m the opposite. Sometimes I see someone using anything other than the base Lizzie(or the CS reskin) and feel a strong obligation to use those because they’re the only ones that are any good.

To think the desert armor Lizzie would actually be good if TC didn’t insist on slapping stupid masks or goggles on Lizzie skins. Or walnut helmets. But we’re not here to have that discussion.

This solo is insane … everything is inside. Taps and ammo management, movements, enemy prio, ult usage … keeping a reject at the end of the wave far from the taps (boltok) was really a smart move (2 times)


There’s something really funny about Sam sitting in a tap ring shouting, “Can I get some help??” on a solo run.

I’m so proud of you :face_holding_back_tears:

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This is brilliant, Ultra, well done! I was so relieved when that Sentinel died. They things are really unpredictable.

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