Solo Master Boss Rush on Nexus as Blademaster

I decided to try a boss rush match by myself and honestly, I found it less stressful and easier compared to a solo frenzy. It took me two attempts to complete, but I personally liked the first attempt more than the completed attempt due to the satisfaction of killing matriarchs and carriers. The second attempt consisted nothing but snatchers and a few carriers which I was totally ok with either way.


I looked it up and i cant find any other videos of a boss rush solo as BM. So youre the first one to do it with proof. Great job, Papi.


Beautiful, lad. Nicely done.


Wow! Just wow! :grinning:


Very impressive!

Based on your experience here and any solutions you’ve picked up, is a run on a Wakaatu & Kestrel map within reach (no pun intended)?

I think it’s possible for a cqc class to solo against a wakaatu since it can be attacked whether it emerges from the ground or it’s airborne. However, it will take longer than usual for a boss rush match to end since it will more than likely appear every wave. There’s a slight possibility against a Kestrel, although, you’d also would have to deal with a possible wakaatu simultaneously. To be honest, Kestrels in general are the most annoying boss to deal with as a cqc. If it were a frenzy and you have deebees on wave 5 or 9, you’d be praying for anything but a Kestrel for the boss waves. I certainly did when I attempted to solo some maps that can spawn a Kestrel as a cqc class.

Would be awful for the player and awful as a viewer to have to sit a watch someone plink plonk at a helicopter for 8 minutes because the class has no way to deal with them. Kestrels are awful for the viewing experience when it comes to CQC videos.

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Especially if/when it ends up regenerating some health, prolonging the fight even further.

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I agree with all of this. If I’m bored trying to take down a flying helicopter as a cqc class then I know the viewers will be just as bored too. There’s a reason why almost all master solo horde videos are done on maps that can’t spawn every boss. Especially ones that can’t spawn a Kestrel.

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OK, thank you. That was my intuition, but I am terrible at these classes so I didn’t want to assume. I keep hearing of spots on some maps where fliers (or just Guardians/Sentinels?) are reliably forced low enough to be flashbanged or meleed/shock-chained, and wondered if that would make it possible.

lol, true, though FWIW I was/am interested in & appreciative of these accomplishments themselves, not about judging the compellingness of the raw videos. :slight_smile:

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@RelaxingKoty made a video about the spots a long time ago. It certainly is very possible to melee a sentinel/guardian on all horde maps. Gears 5 | Reliable Spots to Melee Kill Guardians and Sentinels as Blademaster on all 37 Horde Maps - YouTube


Congrats man! I did manage a solo on command once. Youre right its more relaxed with the most dangerous enemy being those damn smgs.

Pahanu and regency only have the bird.
Asylum and icebound only have the helicopter.

The problem with the bird is that if you aggro it, it can enter into an attack pattern where it just flys non stop and spits until you damage it a bunch where upon it will then go underground.

Wave 8 and above that spit can be an insta down to a bm without stim. With shock chain you really cannot prevent yourself from aggrooing it.

If anyone did want to flex, infiltrator solo on regency is not bad. The bird flys low enough indoors by the stairs to get bleed on it. Ive had some crazy clutch moments on there as infiltrator where all the randos are dead, the fab has been destroyed twice and im out of power, theres like 5 wardens, the bird is constantly spitting my stim off and i have to kill everything.

Most of the out door maps single flyer maps we just do two mans.

Bm and gunner or demo and protector on asylum,
Demo and infil or anchor and marksmen on icebound.

On the double flier maps we managed tac or demo and combat medic, and just recently we pulled off a demo and architect no forts on lift, and a demo combat medic no forts no perks on foundation.

Brawler scorcher only on turbine that only spawns the matriach was super super hard.

Village is an interesting double flier maps because you can mostly hide from them indoors. Weve tried a mechanic and slugger, and mechanic and brawler but always end up wiping late wave.

Last night we got a few wins with a demo and flash freeze gunner (with snakey as jack lol) on dam etc. Was super fun.

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