Solo In Gears of war is the absolute worst experience I've had in any multiplayer

Matchmaking: This is just one part, You cant always get a good team and that’s understandable. But can I please have just an extra 30 seconds or minute of search time so that I’m not put against a stack. Or at least during the times that the majority are online like weekends or at night, can solos play against solos only.

Quitting: Your never gonna get rid of all quitting. I understand this. But I played over 30 games in the last week or 2 and the vast majority has quitters. Or worse, someone who sits around 4:59 seconds doing nothing then moves so he won’t get kicked. Is there even a ban anymore? You have got to do something so at least, (I can’t believe I’m writing this), only a third of my games have quitters or afkers.

I just want to at least understand what the problem is on taking action?


Well, using the search function and reading old threads is a good place to start.

Quitting: TC has stated that a future update will bring harsher penalties for quitting. The first person to quit a ranked match will have to play a certain number of hours in social (cannot be idle) before being allowed back in ranked.

Playing against stacks: You can petition TC to bring back the Mercenary playlist from Gears 3 which does not allow stacks.

Also, this is the game:

“ One of the main things that happens in a round of Gears is that a few people whose nervous systems are jacked on I think meth spring toward you off the strange angles of the geometry like the Hounds of ■■■■■■■ Tindalos and make your inside parts your outside parts. I appreciated the artisanal, animal fear manufactured by the scenario.”


I thought we’ve been over this, it’s crack. Not meth.

TC have said alot of things. We want to know WHEN harsher penalties will roll out.

Seriously… this was a thing on the games release and how many months are we in now… 6??

Whatever TC… take your time, not like you need to hold on to a player base or anything :unamused:

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TC has been “stating” this since the game released. I truly have no faith seeing as the punishment we have now doesnt work because it cant tell the difference between someone quitting and someone getting disconnected from servers

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This is the only multiplayer/team game I really play so I have no choice but to agree.

I’d imagine it be about the same elsewhere though.


What a stupid comment

Ok thank you for your opinion i will remove the comment

I feel your pain, ive tried getting a group together but posting here, facebook,Twitter and creating looking for group posts on xbox never yield any results. People often ask you to add them but never join.
I end up playing solo all the time, while I am having fun it would be much more fun with team mates who actually communicate

It’s literally unplayable if you run solo. Hop into FFA or don’t play at all. It’s sad.

That’s all you had to say about this game.


This is strictly a ranking/matchmaking problem. The new ranking system places everyone at the beginning of a season into some tier in Silver. This means that all of the players that ended the last season as any placement above Silver are placed with those that actually belong in Silver. So the start of any season is rough as hell… Personally, I don’t understand why they even do placement matches as they don’t appear to be used in any effective manner.

The other issue is how their matchmaking operates. Prior to Gears 5, the matchmaking attempted to find players all around the same ranks for a match. This system operates off of a cumulative point total that supposedly takes account for teams . So, if two players have 19k points and the total at the end of the match is 65k, that means there is 27k to be spread over three players (not counting any team increases). I’ve seen that teams tend to have at least one player that clearly doesn’t belong in the lobby based on their score. It becomes a match of simply who has more inept players and if the higher ranked players can carry them. Some of which can be very heavy to carry, or my personal favorite those that want to chirp when they’re sitting at the bottom of the scoreboard.

My back aches from it. Hopefully the ranking changes they make with coincide with matchmaking changes or it’s not going to get any better. These systems are strongly correlated and it’s not simply a “ranking” problem for sure.

Lol, this can be used as a standard reply to any thread/post pointing out game problems :grin:

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