Solo Horde Help!

Looking for map suggestions. I’ll be playing as Kait for power, or JD/Marcus to knock out other medals.

A sire will get you and it will be game over don’t bother.

Not if you’re quick enough…if you have a strong enough shotgun in the bots will help you. That being said, I just completed horde by myself with Del, and I know I had a lot of help with the turrets. The boss waves and mini boss waves were not too bad until level 40. And the cog filler bots help as well if I went down. But most of the time I was running from one side of the map to the other refilling the turrets and repairing.
By the time I got to level 35, I had all level four shock & MG turrets. and I had them positioned in a way that I took over the courtyard from both sides, upper and lower turret positions and just annihilated all of the bosses, as most enemies came from the center room where the fabricator starts out. the level for shock tarts have some long range and the turrets clean up the mess. For some reason nobody wanted to join when I originally started. Then some guy prances in at level 48. Didn’t really need help but he helped nonetheless. It wasn’t my plan to do it solo but I wound up doing it so I know it’s possible. And I was on advanced difficulty on icebound, 6 machine gun turrets and 6 shock turrets. And I also had three of the four taps under control all the time. A lot of shakin’ and bakin’. It’s kind of sad because I’ve been in horde with 5 actual players who did not know what they were doing and did not deposit and we wound up dying by level 25 because there wasn’t sufficient protection against getting overrun. I wish I could have recorded it.

On a side note, the only weapons that I really used were the enforcer most of the time in the first half, and the shotgun very rarely. I also used his special ability whenever possible which only kills one or two enemies. I didn’t even create a locker until level 30 or 35 because I figured I would need it in the later rounds. And I only upgraded to level three just in case someone joined in. I had three weapons on the rack that I never used. Enforcer just work better because I only had to deal with close-range enemies. And I had been grabbed by a sire one time… But the shock turret freed me so I could kill it. However with poor planning on may have died a lot sooner. But I was very tactical in my placement of everything. I honestly believe that only Del or Baird could get 50 levels in Solo. I have yet to play with Baird.