Solo Horde experience totals weird outcomes / comparison

I didn’t understand how re-up XP works in Horde until well after launch. Okay, so it’s based on wave completed + ribbons earned + difficulty (?), I assumed difficulty played a role but idk now based on my solo Horde totals. Is this right?

I recently completed 1-50 waves of Horde on Advanced, Elite, Insane, and Inconceivable. Yes it took a while. Solo horde matches even without restarts are a bit longer unless I’m a mechanic class.

But I did so to compare. All totals were with Boost on. All attempts were completed, 1-50, with 30+ ribbons All are estimated within 1-2k.

Advanced: 29.5k (14k plus boost) total XP earned (not class XP per se)
Elite: 39.5k (19k plus boost)
Insane:59.5k (29k plus boost)
Inconceivable: 61.5k (29k plus 31k boost plus ribbons)

How do these totals compare to 1-50 totals with 4 other players and 30+ ribbons?

I’m especially surprised by the small differences between Insane and Inconceivable. Is XP map based? Again, all were 1-50 but different maps. Am I just wrong?

Base XP from playing is actually not wave based in Gears 5(unlike in 4), but time. Hence why methods where Jack camps out AFK and cloaked on like wave 1 and gets XP for it exist.

The rest is accurate. Do keep in mind that each difficulty also provides a multiplier to the XP. Ribbon XP is also added to the base XP and separately multiplied, so if you do a Master run and get 30 ribbons, you get an additional 7,500 XP added to the base XP.

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It’s based on time? Wait does that mean if you play without red shirts and just let rounds take hours to complete and you just camp out, you’d end up with a lot more XP? Does it “cap”?

I guess what I’m asking is, I’ve played solo and had rounds that would “never” end if I didn’t go find the enemy and end it myself, theoretically, couldn’t someone play a very early wave on Master, get it down to one enemy, and then just camp for hours like that?

It’s really weird to me and feels like something that you could manipulate in ways that have nothing to do with skill level.

It does but I don’t know exactly where or when, and it may reset for a completed wave. @GhostofDelta2 will be a better guide here.


Okay I watched some of the Jack videos online. Ugh. THAT is how people are getting XP doing nothing? No wonder there are so many high re-up players who don’t seem to actually know how to play the game.

It turns out my solo horde matches earned me a lot of XP just because they took longer to complete. Okay sorry I don’t like TC’s no-skill method of leveling people up. What’s the point of being good anymore?


I never was a fan of getting XP by playing Horde.
For some reason playing Escape used to give you better rewards in terms of XP and cards - all for less time.

It is wave based when 41-50 gives more XP than 1-40.

Which stands in direct opposition to the fact that idle AFKs work, and it’s not too much of a logical leap to make that you get the most ribbons during those waves where the most enemies spawn, making it seem as if those waves being completed gives XP, when in reality it is from ribbons being received.

I wasn’t talking about Jack anyway.

In Op 1, I used to do JD on Wave 41-50, getting 30 Ribbons. It was more efficient than doing 1-50.

If some of those other players were added on your friend list, then you’d be getting slightly more XP from Gears Allies bonus.

When you do with more players, you’re going to finish in less time so slightly less XP.

And I was expecting that response. It still matches up with what I said, because guess what, you would have been playing in a way to obtain Hail Maries in those waves where 20+ enemies per wave can spawn, most likely on Exhibit shooting at the top gallery or whatever you wanna call it from the spawn, which is a very easy spot to get Hail Maries in and reach 30+ ribbons, which gives you around 15k XP from the base and Boost XP alone, seeing as the 1,500 from ribbons gets multiplied by 5 on Master, and then doubled by the Boost.

Again, I think my logic is solid here, and I haven’t seen anything that goes against my point that it’s not the waves, but the ribbons obtained in waves that spawn the highest possible number of enemies.

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It makes sense to me. In higher waves more headshots more ribbons, so it looks like the wave is giving it when it’s not.

This news is somewhat annoying but explains why I see re-up people 40+ and yet have bad card values or low level characters.

It is the waves. It has nothing to do with enemies. If you got 30 Ribbons on 1-10 and compare it with doing 30 Ribbons on 41-50, there would be a lot more base XP gained from 41-50, even if you do it without Ribbons.

It’s weird to me that this late into the game there’s no definitive answer. Why aren’t we just told?

May i ask why standard XP matters to you? It does absolutely nothing to change your Horde experience. As a Horde player i only ever cared about c.x.p in G4 & maxing out my slots, then to receive & max out my favourite cards.

I created a post on how Gear Coins in G5 were downright worse to obtain than in G4 even once the lootboxes were removed yet the same rng remained. In G4 you accrued Credits from waves completed + bounties & ribbons. In G5 T.C throttled Gear Coins behind conditionally completing waves. that awarded ‘Stars’ that then were shoved inside a preset ‘Reward Tower’. I’m assuming XP could have been throttled in a similar fashion in G5??

In G4 there were guys that did the exact math on how to earn the quickest amount of xp/cxp. I am genuinely surprised that this has yet to happen for G5 considering we’re 2+ years into G5’s lifecycle?

This could be due to the sheer multitude of ‘sub-classes’ in G5 with a larger pool of cards to collect & or players trying to max out most of the sub-classes henceforth being a high over all Re-Up playing with low-level cards.

Because chances are TC don’t even know themselves & that’s the way it has always been as resident mathematicians crunched the numbers & created “XP Charts” for everyone to enjoy. The dev’s never compile these things as it’s typically the player-base that finds such answers with occasional questions answered by Community Managers etc.Again i am surprised that this has yet to happen for G5?

Borderlands math is far, far worse & far more important than Gears math. So you should consider yourself a little more fortunate here…

To summarize, from my experiences in G3/4 Horde, the xp in both games did absolutely nothing to represent actual skill level anyway so for me xp means absolutely nothing. I suppose when you don’t care about having a fancy icon on the top corner of your screen &/or what others think of you based on said icon then xp really doesn’t mean much aside from some cool looking character/weapon skins …

This may help:

Edit: Read “original post” bit first :slight_smile:

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At this point I’m assuming I’m with any other 50+ re-up people, I’m trying to complete the game. I was fortunate, very fortunate, that I only got to re-up 23-25 or so when TC effectively doubled everyone’s XP and shot me to 45. I feel bad for those that “naturally” got to 50 before the change.

Since 60 looks to be the end and I’m already at 54, why not spend the time to get to 60? I think there’s rewards at every re-up from now until then.

I never did grind runs just for XP, I actually PLAYED the game, so all my classes are 20, all my cards that I use are maxed, it’s literally the only thing I have left to do in the game before I’m done.


Oh yes for achievement purposes. Are you trying to 100% it?

As for the doubling part, that’s just hilarious. What was the reason for such a boost? XP imbalance from launch?

How long did it take for you to max out the newly introduced legendary skill cards? (level 6) & how many hours have you dumped into Horde to get all your classes to 20?

I’m assuming TC has the stats page in G5? In G4 we had the “War Journal” which tracked specific stats like waves completed/hours spent/kills on individual enemies/deaths/revives/perfect active reload attempts etc …

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The XP curve beyond re-up 20 used to be atrocious for 21+. I got to 20 in relatively short time but 21-25 became a chore.

When TC redefined the curve to a lower XP need per level they rewarded all players with a realignment so that they were at the proper level for the XP they already gained. TC actually gave the players nothing, I misspoke, they just put us up to the level we would be at with the XP we had. My XP at the time put me at 45 under the new ranking.

But, players who were already at 50 at the time of the the readjustment stayed at 50, making all the extra XP they earned to get there, a waste. I believe a compromise would have been to note “who” got to 50 originally pre-realignment, and boost them automatically to 60 once it came out, They could have?

Anyway, I played a lot of hours to max everything out, a lot solo, but I learned the game well, I’ll look up my hours the next time I can.

Yes, I’m this close I figured I might as well get 100%.

… and you still have not provided any evidence to back up said claim, other than “It works this way, I don’t need to observe or make logical conclusions out of available evidence”.