Solo Escape/ Horde game ending bugs


So one of these bugs has been around a while, one is new.

  1. Playing solo Escape, lately if a pouncer jumps on me the level “fades to black” and says I’ve failed, I’ve even removed the pouncer so fast I was standing but it still faded to black. Like. “No I’m not dead yet!”

  2. Playing solo Horde, getting “got” by a Snatcher is instant death, even if I had sentries nearby shooting the Snatcher or the red shirts are. This has been around at least 2 operations for me.

  3. I don’t think this is a bug, but why if I’m a combat medic and I get dropped, can’t I use the ultimate ability to stand in Escape? You can in Horde, even solo, I always get instant KO even if only dropped in Escape solo. If there is a game difference in Escape vs Horde to account for this I don’t know about but I’m all eyes.

Not sure if anyone sees this who can do anything about it but why not?

To compound the aggravation here, if you’re playing with bots and are grabbed by a Sire, there’s a chance you can get freed. And when there’s a Snatcher, and a bot gets snatched, there’s a chance that the un-snatched bots can free the snatched bots. But don’t YOU get Snatched!

I doubt there’s going to be any changes at this late date. At this point, all we can do is suck it up and treat these circumstances as added difficulty for playing solo, I’m afraid.

It’s instant death in my experience as solo escape runner.

This is definitely a glitch. You can use your ult to get yourself up in solo runs in Escape. Been there done that.
Also I’ve seen other solo runners do it.


Well I thought it seemed weird.

I don’t why this happens, I can’t see why it would be “me” specific.

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Happens on the LZ when the gates are shut. No idea why but it’s just like that and they’ll unlikely ever fix it.

I’ve got rather the opposite and it pisses me off. For me the Ultimate auto-triggers if I don’t activate it myself (when being downed). One of the most unnecessary mechanics they implemented…

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Wtf? So mine is bugged. Why didn’t they just leave that ability alone?

I remember a few times losing escape solos because the game wouldn’t let me use my ultimate as combat medic. If you end up doing more you can try to pay attention to the manner of death. As an example, you can compare mele downs/deaths versus getting shot down. There may be a difference in which one allows you to use your ultimate.

I’m fairly certain that if one popper downs you, the game doesn’t recognize your ultimate.

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So we should avoid Harry Popper!? :no_mouth:

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