Soldier resupply grenade issue

Anyone else having issues with the resupply grenade for the soldier? Since the beggining mine which is a level 6 will not resupply my grenades every 15 seconds, I can go through a whole wave before I get one back, will be only carrying one grenade and won’t let me pick up another one. Then out of the blue it will start working again, then if I grab an ammo crate the issue will start happening again. One last issue with it say all is working well and I switch to shocks or even the bigger head frag grenades the problems mentioned above will start all over again.

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I have had the same issue and the only way I have to combat this issue is by keeping grenades at the equiped status at all times which allows the grenades to regenerate but at the same time I can not use not other weapons. Unless you have already done this, which suggests a new issue in resupply, I have got nothing on this.

Ya been a few skill card issues but this one is may be the worse. Judging by the stream last night don’t think horde play issues and card issues will be fixed.

Yeah same problem with level 6 too.

That’s unfortunate cos T-Bow not working with Berserker and Last Stand, still bothers me.

And I never faced this Resupply problem.