Soft locked out of campaign? Help?

Has anyone else had the issue of act 3, some assembly required? I did the beacon bit before the train and now my only task to do is to return the beacon to baird. After watching some youtube videos iv realised a gate is supposed to be open for me now but this gate and cut scene wont load? Anyways around this or just stay off campaign until this fixed? Thanks for taking my 80 bucks TC… good thing I can play this before it’s ready lol

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I have the same issue. I hate that they make it open world if theres actually supposed to be a linear order on quests, I wander too much to know ahead of time. Now im stuck too

I experienced the dame bug earlier this week. The Coalition has done NOTHING, they didn’t even acknowledge the bug. See the following threads ti know that we are not alone: Campaign soft lock on act three, some Assembly required , Campaign broken for Gears 5 , Single player STILL BROKEN and Act 3 chapter 3 broken .