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Soft Launch, Alpha/Beta testers?

(SEVEN UP 94) #21

there will be achievements on the game ?

(l2l HAVOK l2l) #22

And again, I was in no way shape or form talking about things that you get in the new game for playing a previous game…Im not talking about in game rewards that you get if your a veteran or got some achievement in a previous Gears game…those are great and they been around for the longest…Im talking about letting those same people get into for example Gears Pop early or other things that they do instead of just giving it to a random who doesnt even really like Gears…you can’t sit there and act like you don’t agree with what Im saying even if its a little bit…and your argument about them trying to get the game to a broader audience is pointless because its already gonna hit a broader audience no matter what because it’s a mobile game