Sofia's fate(Spoilers)

So in the Aftermath campaign for Judgement we find out that Sofia was kidnapped and it was never confirmed that she died leaving her fate unknown.

But I was just reading on Gearspedia that her name isn’t on the memorial wall in Gears 5. I qas wondering what people thought about this, do you think Sofia is alive or do you think she’s dead?

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She dead.

she could be alive. they got alicia and michael on there. they were pretty small role characters. if they made the cut surely sofia would have if she was dead.

Not necessarily. Barrick and Alicia’s fates were evidenced and were witnessed by fellow Gears. Sofia had left the COG when she was kidnapped and aside from her kidnappers, I believe only Paduk knew of her kidnapping. I don’t know if Sofia would have been treated as a Gear by that point seeing as she had left, so even if she was dead her name may not appear on the wall. Regardless she may also have just been classed as MIA. I dunno if the military have statutory limits on those MIA before they are declared dead.

haha seems deep i might by that if there werent all knowing creators of the game who know all. would be pretty heartless to forget her service just cause she left the cog after. but the cog is always run by some dbags haha.

I’m still wondering if Dizzy is alive he’s old like Hoffman but the old Colonel is in a wheelchair so I’m wondering how dizzy is holding up. Jace could be dead or alive all Marcus says in 5 about have is that he can handle himself and not to worry but who knows. I hope Sofia is alive and she was a onyx guard so there’s potential.


she ded like… supa ded

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Jace either hightailed it out of the theater or he’s one of the poor schmucks eviscerated by the infected DR-1 - he left without picking up Barrick’s lighter so it should be something pretty serious.

I hope he lived and will return in 6 same with the rest of the og gears for one last final fight. Also I was so hype when I seen paduk was in this game dudes a badass


She is dead due to lack of personality or interest

  1. how dare you 2) how dare you
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She gone gone.

@III_Essence :sob::sob::sob:

Was she not kidnapped by a gang, if so, the chances are they would have either done her to death, or killed her when she got pregnant. The chances are high she is dead anyway, she would have been an extra mouth to feed.
I used her alot (98%)in Gears of War Judgement, so i am holding out for her escape and still being alive. Sadly though, if she had escaped, she would have returned to Paduk.
But still, one can hope.

Part of me would kinda like to see her come back for 6, but the rest of me thinks at this point Coalition will just do even worse to her than they did to Anya.(Won’t lie, I’m a little salty over that…)

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They need to resolve this with a book where we follow Paduk over the 25 years since judgment. Where he tracks down what happened to Sofia.