Sofia Hendrick on Gears 5?

Hello, been playing Gears 5 for some time, and I’ve played every Gears from the third person shooter genre.

I honestly don’t think that Judgment or Gears 5 are bad, but they definitely lack content. Gears 5 is ok because it ads content periodically but i think is a bit TOO OVERPRICED. The worst part is that this content is either bad or something we got previously for free.

Anyway, even with that in mind the only character i would be willing to spend some money on is Sofia. Do you guys think she will come back?, at least as a versus character?. That would be great.


I would like to see these type of supporting characters also return such as Zeta squad (Barrick, Alicia etc)

From a technical stand point i have my doubts though for the following reasons:

-Gears 3 and Judgement Character Models where created on Unreal Engine 3
-Gears 4 and Gears 5 is build on Unreal Engine 4

Taking into account the above note you are more likely to see a character that has appeared in Gears 4 re-appear in Gears 5, same goes for multiplayer maps.

The Gears 3 era character models would need to be completely re-made as part of the new game engine and this would lead to more work that then of a Gears 4 character.

You also have to take into account if the voice actor is available . To TC’s credit they keep consistency with the character and the voice actor.


Same. Bummer that she didn’t appear in the last 2 games.

GOW5 may be on the same engine as GOW4, but the programme used to create the models is a different one which uses a more advanced physics engine (for things like moving clothing fabric, hair etc) so as far as I know all characters even those from GOW4 need to be recreated from scratch.

Well, with people dropping like flies at TC, perhaps the new people will bring some insight and have the devs add characters and ideas and help Gears 5.