Social Tab bug PC and Xbox

Am I the only one with this since the last update?
…because I couldn’t find anything about it…

PC : No friends when 2 are connected on Xbox
And I can’t join anyone with Gears 5.
I tried joining the game with the Xbox companion app (the squad shows up with the 2 friends and with the option to join in-game) but it launches another game instance that doesn’t work.
social tab bug pc

Xbox : No squad when 2 are connected
social tab bug xbox

With the Xbox console, the group of 2 friends can join me with the social tab but the display remains buggy (and with the gamerpics not loaded) :
Xbox :

PC :

October 28th :
It seems that this is due to a communication problem with the servers:

  • Custom gamerpics are not displayed.
  • Today, I had the same problem on Xbox console as the one on PC: the list of friends who play on G5 was not displayed and I had to go through the Xbox social tab to join a game

Now, 2 bug requests : 46976 and 47878

Literally every user.



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Just need to wait for TC to update the update that needed n update to fix the update they broke when they tried to update the stuff they broken with a previous update that was updated and got messed up…

Basically the same stuff happens every update, 1 step forward 3 steps back.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have been recently playing crossplay with my friend who’s on PC. He joins my squad and for him it shows 2/20 in squad.
For me it still shows 1/20 in squad. He’s still there in my squad, but its a visual glitch which does not refresh to 2/20.

Its bad when the ppl u invite to ur gm need to tell the host that they have joined


he is lucky to be able to join a squad while being on PC because for me it is impossible that it is in the game, with the Xbox companion or by invitation! So the display bug is different for everyone …

The xbox companion app hasnt been supported for more than a year. You need to use either the xbox game bar or the new xbox app.

But I don’t like them and I prefer to use Xbox companion until his death

Cant see who’s online or in my party

Threads on the subject already exist, and TC is aware.

(Was in response to above post in moved thread.)

Since 1 week. When I am host, I can’t kick if someone was acting bad or steal money, any bad stuff.
I pressed start and RT (after the update, buttons LT and RT are inverted), don’t appear options for kick in team…
Someone had same experience?
Thanks for any help.

One of a few existing threads on this issue, TC is aware too.

As for the inverted triggers, people have also complained about that but no word on it. Also rather annoying and was not needed.

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they probably need to go through another long certification process before this is fixed. might be waiting for OP5 for all this stuff to be fixed.

Nov 17th. might be stuck with this for an entire month

I don’t know with those who are not friends because I can only host on PC (on Xbox the squad doesn’t show up at all since the last update) and, I haven’t tried to play a public game without my friends, but I can kick friends who are part of the squad in a private game.

Agreed, looks like they have a certification window each month for a TU. outside of that only small changes are made.

Too bad a Ranked “feature” makes PvE hard to play for another month, because apparently ranks are more important than fun and functional features for all modes.


Yes it is a shame that one fix leads to another issue.

Thats ■■■■■■ and the leaderboards are also even more

How has this passed and been rolled out :rofl: