Social Quickplay needs to be changed!

Coalition Please Read This! I’m begging you! Social Quickplay needs to be changed, People are “pub stomping” and its more frequent in Gears 5 and that’s because a person can invite up to 4 other people to play with them in SOCIAL QUICKPLAY. Why is this a thing? I have noticed that it is very common (I mean VERY COMMON) in guardian. People are abusing this privilege and making other players rage quit, argue, and be toxic towards each other. When I ask other people why they play social quickplay its to warm up. But because of the 4 stack on the other team they can’t warm up, and their own team would rage quit by the end of the first round. I suggest that the player limit should be per person is at least 2, and also put guardian in ranked so they can stack up to 4. That way the game is balanced and everybody can play social quickplay without being harassed. Thanks For Listening.


You’re playing a Team based mode and expected not to run into a team?.

At this point T.C. should just make a solo feature to end this madness


Quickplay doesnt need these kind of limitations…

If its toxic just leave and look for another match, thats the magic of being outside ranked. Guardian is p active so wont be hard to get into another lobby.


What they need to do is not limit the squads on social. I often like playing a more chilled KOTH after work with some mates but if there’s more than 3 of us we’ve gotta go on guardian or TDM

Gears 4 in social this limit is set for 2 player,so i know how you feel…but the real madness is the ranked tdm set for 2 in the same squad,but in social is set to 4…i mean this should be inverted right? Gears 4 compared to 5 is pure perfection…

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It be best to limit quick play to parties of 3.

But you can just leave with no penalty too.

I can see your frustration trying to chill & playing wanna be ranked players on quick play smh.


Find people to play with or find a new match. Don’t penalise people with the paltry social skills required to ask someone to play a game with them.

Personally I would say playing alone with strangers against a team is a pretty good warm up, wait there is no guardian in ranked.
Are you trying to get the 5 kills as leader ? I’d suggest Coop vs. Ai.

Otherwise it’s a team based game mode, you don’t like to se a lot of letters in front of the opposing team, leave ? There is no penalty and also little gain in quickplay.

Yeah, it’s called FFA.

A Mercenary playlist would be nice, but there are already a lot of playlists.

They need to just combine them into their own category. Team based modes,Single life teams,Solo modes. Could help possibly

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