Social Quickplay Leaderboard

Gears 4 had a social quickplay leaderboard, Gears 5 added leaderboards late, but should implement Social Quickplay Leaderboard similar to Gears 4.

Actually all Gears should have Quickplay Leaderboard in addition to Competitive or Ranked Leaderboard

Why? quick play is filled with bots and a leaderboard system for that would be pointless. Just play comp. Not much of a difference in skill for the most part. Why would you care how well you do against bots though?

Noticeable difference in skill from my experience.

There are like two places to check your stats in Co-op vs AI

I even have an option to share the stats lol…plus Gears of War 4 had a leaderboard, Gears 5 only just recently got one and that was because they were too lazy to get a real ranking system. The leaderboard would do no real harm, relax your beans homie.

What would social quick play use as criteria that would be meaningful?

In Gears 4 social leaderboard was your points accumulated since you’ve played quickplay, in the different modes.

There’s also no more Arcade which would’ve been great addition to leaderboards,

I’m just not sure how to read anything into it. Gears 4 was really most time played. Gears 5 is fairly similar.

I’m top 1% in social objective wins, but what does that mean?

I’m probably top in losses, but it doesn’t show. K/D is unreliable since it might mean you’re good, and it might mean you steal easy kills and run from fights or the objective. Or maybe quit out until you find mostly bots.

I do like some measures, but I struggle to see something that would be a significant measure.