Social quickplay bug

I just recently started playing Gears 4 again and I noticed that there’s still this bug in social matches where it shows one or more players that are connected to the game, but they’re never added into the match. When this happens, the match never fills with players. Is there a way to fix this?

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Of course there is, but I doubt it’s something you can do on your end.

I doubt it will get the attention it deserves. Only thing you can really do is quit that match and try to find another one.

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That’s what I figured. It’s ruined some good lobbies I’ve been in. Oh well.

Keep in mind, some people change their minds while waiting and leave before spawning. I do this if it’s a game mode I don’t want to play, or I see I’m going to be stuck with nothing but bots, etc.

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I understand what you’re saying, but I’m saying that the game treats it like there’s a player there, but said player never spawns into the match. If it went on for just that match it would be fine, but it keeps going and nobody can join to fill the empty spots because of it.