Social no longer counts for Versus dailies?

My “get 2000 score in Versus” wasnt activated by 2 coop games where i got more than 2k points).

It might be a bug, but if this is an attempt for force me to play ranked, lol, it wont work…

I finished mine today in Co-op vs AI. No problems.

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Ok so its a bug… :grin:

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I would guess.

I wonder if the bonus points for winning the game and coming MVP for example don’t count towards the medal as that is added at the end of the match

Ohh, i got 2k half way through, this is long before the end… I didnt see the popup notification during game play (but i did for rifle kills), and not at the end either…

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Ah don’t mind me then :slight_smile:

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You missed nothing, I’ve had several notifications not showing at all during gameplay and are only visible during match results. At times the counter shows nothing while checking it during the match but it magically appears at the end.

Never had this before so it seems like a “feature” courtesy of OP4.

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Yeah, the 2000 damage daily just wasnt working, i got over 4k points across 2 games, nothing. But rolled it for a 5 headshots in versus objective, and that worked ok…

I got 15 explosive kills in versus done while playing escape, used frags, salvo and torque bow.:+1:

I tried shooting the sign in district for damage objective but it doesn’t work now👎

Lol, whenever I get explosive kills in Versus I always pray for KotH on Bunker, lol… If I get that salvo, it’s game over… and if I don’t, there are frags, GL, and Dropshot :slight_smile:

It doesn’t work if you play more than one match.

I wanted to do the 25 matches 2.000 fast in quickplay arcade/Co op AI but it only counted my first game (while I did 7 in a row). Do a match…Quit and search a match again and then you will have the medal if you scored 2.000 points .

Escape is easier playing solo.

Think u replied to wrong person, thx for info tho :+1: